Have you seen an alien or UFO?

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Based on some documentaries, there are lot UFO seen all over the world but of course its still us to judge if they are true or not.

I saw something once that appeared to defy the rules of aeronautics, but, it was late at night and a great distance.

I do hold an open mind on the subject, as, I firmly believe that, given, the vastness of the universe - or this universe - it highly unlikely that intelligent life doesn't exist elsewhere.

However, the likelihood of us meeting other beings is remote, again for the same reason that other lifeforms are likely - the vastness of the universe.

The window of opportunity to meet others is very narrow, our species existence on Earth is infinitesimal compared to the evolution of the universe, and the same would apply to other species - our civilisations could, easily, 'miss' each other in time.

One alternative theory, I find interesting is the suggestion that the existence of 'UFOs' is explained by their not being extraterrestrials, but, ultra-terrestrials - that is coming from other dimensions within our own world!

Another supposed fact is, that on becoming President of the United States, all new incumbents are told "the truth" as understood by the American military. Interestingly Jimmy Carter promised to put all the USA's information into the public domain when elected. He was, so I understand, totally silent on the issue during his Presidency!


I have never really seen a UFO. I am slightly leary of seeing one but also intrigued. Sometimes I wonder if I really have but don't remember. I just remembered something from after psychic class. I have had to stop doing that too much because of things like that.

I was sitting in front of the mirror. I looked around and there were little beings around me. There were about three of them. They were different bright colors like red, yellow. They were my height when I was sitting so short and spaced out a short distance around me. It gave me a start of course. I haven't seen them again like that. They may have been the shadow people they are always talking about on radio. I have seen other things but they were different. They also had no noticeable eyes or anything. They had big round heads. I could feel and it looked as if they were watching me.

But I have seen nothing else at all up in the air or anything. It is funny though the town I am from in Connecticut even had a UFO sighting and I noticed it was nearby where I lived. Not that near but not that far away.


When I was 16 years old I thought I saw something. It was 10:30 at night and I had just got home from going to the store with my mom. She had already went into the house to put away the groceries and I was getting the last few bags out of the car and when I walked through the gate to get to the back door I looked up and saw this huge thing hovering up above the trees and it had goldish colored lights around it. There was no sound coming from it at all. I ran inside to yell for my mom to come look and when we got out there it was gone.

I am in my 30's now and I have never seen anything like that since. I have seen things in the sky that were far away that I questioned but nothing as close and big as what I saw that night.

Even though I cannot say for sure what it was that I saw I do believe that we are not alone. There is no way that we are the only living beings in the universe.


I know that I have never seen an alien before, or perhaps I have. If they are here and have taken the form of humans then it is possible that I have seen one and was just unaware. However, I doubt this to be the case, so I will stick with my original answer, no.

As for seeing UFO's, I have never seen one that I believed to have been from outer space. Since UFO means Unidentified Flying Object, yes I have seen planes and helicopters that I could not identify. So you could say they were UFO's.

I believe that there is intelligent life out there somewhere, it seems statistically impossible that we are the only ones. However I am skeptical that they have ever been here. I feel most UFO sightings around the world are easily explained away as being planes, mostly military aircraft. At least this is my opinion on the matter.


No, I have never seen an alien or UFO before, but I do think they are definitely very real in life. There were thousands of videos and images out there though some say they are fake.

If 80% of the sightings are fake or scripted, then the other 20% are unexplained or unsolved . The 20 % can give us the answers that we are definitely NOT alone in the universe.

In our galaxy which is the Milky Way alone has approximately thousands of unexplored planets out there. Plus, there are probably millions of galaxies in the wide universe. So, there are other species of life out there for sure.

I truly believe that we are NOT alone in the universe, and it is so impossible to even think that only humans exist in the universe.


It's quite possible that living, intelligent beings have visited our planet, but that they are so small that we do not perceive them as being living things.

We should not assume that living beings are about the same size as we are.

I've never seen an alien or UFO. I've lived all over the USA, met millions of people, traveled on 6 continents, and never met anyone who's seen an alien or UFO.

However, I've seen documentaries on this, and listened to witnesses talk. I do not doubt the word of any people who've said they saw aliens or UFO's.

The universe is so vast and beyond our comprehension that it's logical to assume, literally, that anything's possible.


I saw a flying object once that I could not identify but I never thought it was an alien spaceship. Turned out to be a weather balloon. The thought of creatures from other planets however is intrinsically fascinating to humankind it seems. We love the wonder, the mystery, the what it's. Consequently people see what they want to see and impose their imagination. I don't believe that they're actually seeing alien spacecraft but I can't blame them either as the idea of it all is great fun and a wonderful distraction from daily life on terra firma.


I'm sure I have. They are intelligent critters you know. They can take the shape of people, animals, rocks, etc. Who knows, your next door neighbors could be aliens. You just never know these days.


I have not ever seen a UFO or aliens however i believe that the government is hiding some kind of alien creature in a special place


No I have not seen either an alien or UFO.