Have you ever seen a Ghost or had a Paranormal experience?

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Well.. have you?

I don't know if this was a dream or a visitation as I am really not one that believes in ghosts and paranormal activity but some lovely, yet strange things happened after my mum died, but I am not sure if I am trying to link them to the spirit world, they may just have been coincidental and I needed to believe they were visitations to make me feel better.

There were a few happenings -

I was grieving terribly for my mum after she died of breast cancer and I was really devastated and crying all night, every night, and I fell asleep, and I saw a vision of her by my bed and she said "Let me rest", and it was the strangest thing, the feeling of calm gave over me.

Another day, I was at work, and I hadn't been doing very well because I was grieving still and I went to one of the largest companies which was one of my accounts and I got the biggest deal ever made in that company, it was worth thousands for my company. I finished there,then drove off, and a car passed me and the number plate said "MUM" I felt like she had been there with me, and was helping me keep my job by getting me the big deal. I had to go home and lie down, because I was so overwhelmed with excitement and felt her presence.

Another time I was with my brother and we were driving near my house down the motorway, and as we drove, everything seemed to turn to gold at the same speed as we were driving, so this was really strange. It could have been the sun coincidentally moving with us shining on the trees, but we both felt mum's presence.

I hope there is a spirit world and that these were messages and signs from my mum. Part of me believe it was, and the bigger part of my brain that always turns logical say's it wasn't. So, I am not sure, but will never forget these happenings.


I have had several experiences. Only one of them frightened me.

One night I woke up and saw a friend of mine in my bedroom doorway. I was not afraid - you'd think I would be; but, I wasn't. I asked him what he was doing there because this wasn't his apartment. He left and I went back to sleep. I found out two days later that my friend had passed away. He had been on a chair in the kitchen reaching for something when he had a brain bleed that killed him before he hit the floor. He never knew what hit him. The night he died was the night he came to my place. I think he was confused as to what happened and looking to make sense of it.

One night I was laying in bed missing my mother dreadfully. A lock of my hair fell across my face. I was laying there when my hair was picked up and tucked back into place. There was no wind, no reason for my hair to go back in place - especially tucked back into place. It was mum.

One night, my fiancé and I were at the cemetery getting some alone time. On a mound of snow were two children playing. It was late at night and we wondered where their parents were. However, they were adequately dressed and we watched them for awhile. Suddenly, they disappeared behind the mound of snow and didn't reappear. My fiancé got out to look for them and couldn't find them. All around this mound of snow was a flat field; so, we should have been able to see them leave. Then we noticed that there were no footprints in the snow where the children had been playing. This is the one that frightened me.

I could go on; but, 'nuff said.


No, I've never seen a ghost or had a 'paranormal' experience, nor do I believe that anyone else has, either.

Thus far, there is absolutely no convincing scientific evidence that so-called 'paranormal' phenomena actually exist. While there are certainly numerous anecdotal accounts (as is demonstrated by many of the comments above), it is well established that such accounts are, without exception, the result of faulty or selective memory, delusion, misunderstandings or misapprehensions, confusion, deception, mental illness or the influence of drugs.

Humans can have extraordinary vivid imaginations -- as demonstrated by the mind-boggling variety of religious mythologies that have arisen over the past few millennia, as well as the ridiculous assortment of 'woo-woo' that passes for alternative 'wisdom' these days.

Inevitably, there is always an explanation for the seemingly inexplicable. It's simply a matter of discovering what that explanation is, through objective investigation, and it's the difference between science and pseudo-science, between reality and superstition.


Yes, I was sleeping when I woke up and it felt like someone had drugged me. I was extremely calm and above my bed was a "floating cloud." The cloud turned into a form and it was a man sitting crossed legged floating over my bed.

I rubbed my eyes (such a cliche, but it's true) and remember saying to myself, "Oh, everything's okay" and I started to go back to sleep. As soon as my head hit the pillow, I jerked up, turned on the light and was quite shaken and scared. The image of the man was gone.

Thinking back, I believe I had the "drugged" feeling so I wouldn't freak out. Also, I went to the library (there was no internet then) and looked up the "cloud" description which I found out was called ectoplasm.


Yes. I have them on a daily basis. My first experiences came when I started learning how to remain aware when I went to sleep. I heard the scream of a girl and also heard people talking. I never saw them as paranormal though.

They are just functions of the mind. I've seen auras on people with many different colors. Also, I learned that auras are not actually attached to people because you can see it on a photograph on them as well. It's all about adjusting intent.

There are always times when I know a person's name before I meet them. It happened when I was a kid too and I knew people's names before I met them. I get information all the time in my awareness. The difference is I listen and don't block it out.


I've had a couple. One morning I felt my husband get out of bed to go and make coffee and so I turned over to get back to sleep but then I thought I felt him get back into bed and as I turned around to ask why he wasn't making coffee I saw a dent in bed and pillow and yes, I was a little scared and even more freaked out when my hubby came walking through the door with two cups of coffee. The dent had gone by then, we still don't know who or what it was. Another time I was on the loo and money dropped from the middle of the bathroom onto the floor (my uncle used to throw money at my dad because my dad was always trying to charge him for going to the loo).


Yes. Writing some stories on the experiences. The sprites are everywhere, not just in certain spots. There are areas that are used more than others, kind of a portal. You will be surprised at the amount out there. It is almost like a play ground at times or? Some day the stories will be done.


Only when I went out with guys, got drunk and came home. I opened the door and all I heard was - Get out.
Sounded like a ghost or the devil incarnate. Turned on the lights and damn if it wasn't the wife. 3.
Gosh I miss those days.


No. I have thought that I have but there has always been a more reasonable explanation.