Have you ever heard of anyone encountering the evil spirit Xoxo through a Ouija board?

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Has anyone encountered an entity that calls itself Xoxo through the Ouija Board or psychic circle?

I have heard of this many times, but I don't believe it, I think the fear factor and the power of suggestion are a big influence on people's reactions, and imagine that they possessed by evil during this time, so I think it is all nerves, and the power of suggestion.

I have played on the ouija board a lot when I was younger, we used to all pile into my house, get it out, and then sit there for hours scaring ourselves silly, and nothing ever happened, the only time the dial moved was when someone pushed it.

If there was a spirit there, I think that they would be giving messages of wisdom or damnation and not just answering as far as "yes" and "No" I know if I was in spirit form and had a message, I would take over the whole board and give something concrete not waste my spirit visit answering vague questions.

I don't believe there are spirits at all, and I think that those that say they have are either imagining it, or are playing a joke, some may genuinely believe it, but until I witness anything such as this, then I won't believe it.

I remember one time we were playing and it did move, but my friend was playing and I know she was pushing the glass, then she said "oh my goodness, if we arrange the letters that are spelt out, it spells "demons", she was just trying to scare me, so I played along and kept asking for them to come out, as I expected there was nothing.

I am sure that if a demon wanted to enter your home, it wouldn't need a board to drum him or her up!


I've never heard anyone tell me specifically tell me they encountered the same spirit that you speak of but i have heard many other events happening to people close to me. When my father was young he and my uncle decided to play with this ouija board whenever they had friends come over so it was all in good fun but from what i know there are many consequences to playing with that board like a toy and is something to be taken seriously, i can't explain why it is sold in stores, perhaps people just don't believe but according to my father. Shortly after, they would experience electricity shortages and lights turning off and on, also they had some weird encounters with these black birds believed to be crows who would smash into the windows of their home and fly into their yard in flocks and essentially chase them inside only to stalk them from the windows. Everyone's experience is different, some are genuine and others are mere trickery at its best.


Xoxo was the only entity I was ever able to encounter as a child on my Ouija . The accounts were not terrifying but the entity definately controlled my board and would never allow any other spirits through. I no longer like to use Ouija boards and a lot of other spirit channeling items. I find that evil spirits tend to come through these things very easily and sometimes even undetected . I still believe in spirits and mediums but I only use what God gave me to communicate with them. I have never encountered a demon this way as I often did using tarot cards and ouijas.


Yes in paranormal witness that show in the sci fi channel showed a family who played the ouija board an had a demon come into their house and caused havoc they had to have the house exorcised and throw away the ouija board. This is evil do not play with Satan you might end up paying with your life. playing with ouija boards is satanic and evil and you should not do it or you risk bringing demons into your life. Also in the show paranormal state there was a similar case. you can see these two cases in youtube.


Reagan McNeil is the only one that comes to mind. It's an unnecessary tool really. You don't need one to get in touch with the spiritual side of things.

Most of these experiments are colored by the subconscious. Doing it with eyes closed would be better. You could find an evil spirit using one. I know one person who did it, but stopped because she got scared. I think she just scared herself though.

I've never used one. I'm not really into that kind of thing.


No, I've never heard of anyone encountering the "evil spirit Xoxo" through a Ouija board. And that's probably because evil spirits simply don't exist.

Even if they did, a Ouija board isn't going to connect you with one. It's merely a piece of printed cardboard with a wooden or plastic pointer -- a novelty amusement mass produced by a game company.


ME! Once I contacted "him" that was the only one that would ever come through! That's crazy!


How evil can it really be when it's name is hugs and kisses?