Ghosts and Gravity

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If ghosts are real then are they affected by gravity because when people see them they appear stationary and since the planet is moving through space, they must be dragged by the gravity of the earth just like the observer.

There does not seem tpo be any rule all ghosts adhere to as they all seem to be different. I do not think it is true to say when people see ghosts they appear "stationary". ghosts are perceived in a wide variety of forms but in most sightings the ghost seems to be walking, and are often seen by the observer to passing through structures like walls, which were not there in times past. I myself saw a ghost walk through a wall in accommodation I was staying in at Torquay in Devonshire in England and was I scared!

In York in the UK ghosts of Roman soldiers have been sighted and heard deep down in cellars, but it is known at the time of the Roman occupation of ancient Britain that was the elevation of a road through which the soldiers walked along. But ghosts have also been encountered in aircraft in the sky such as the paranormal crashes referred to as "the ghost of flight 401", where it seems the ghost was not seen but was able to interfere with pilot's equipment on board the aircraft and cause serious malfunctions of vital equipment relating to altitude. Or there have been ghost sightings of air crew from World war 2, such as the sightings in the middle of a ploughed field near the village of Binbrook in Lincolnshire, at a location that was once a United States Air Force base in England during the war and the American crew ghosts sighted are believed to have died in action in the air. But their ghosts are now seen walking over the ground where their aircraft would have landed had it returned from that mission.There are many other variations of supernatural apparitions in which variations in altitude seem to be part of the paranormal apparition.


I do not believe that you are correct in your observation - ghosts are generally seen repeating the actions they did when they were alive- the headless horseman riding his horse, Anne Boleyn moving through Hampton court etc....

If you presume that ghosts are 'real' then you have to look at what they are made of... if they are emitting light (which they must do for you to see them) then we know that they are energy. We also know that light bends as it travels through space due to the effect of gravity, so surely this would be true of ghosts as well.

The thing is though, this is all supposition, as if ghosts really are real, we do not know what they are in truth - ie, are they a lost soul - (why would a soul take on a shape that is defined by skeletel bones and muscles?)? Is this soul made of energy? If not energy, what Are they made from? only if we know these answers could we accurately answer your question....

Hope that helps!


This post wasn't a question, it was more of a statement. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but ghosts are not real. When we die, we are dead. The purpose of a burial is simply out of necessity. Dead bodies contain a host of infectious diseases and are breeding ground for more.

Although there are no ghosts, there are many forces which exist in nature that are not completely understood in the scientific community. Even at the basic cellular level, we have only recently begun to understand some of the dynamics of how proteins interact with the cell. With only a small percentage of the cell visible by the most advanced electron scanning microscopes, one can only imagine what is really out there and how little we really know.


Do you know what is common between Ghost and Gravity? The answer is that both cannot be seen but can be felt by those who believe in them. Actually there is proof in the existence of gravity but with regards to ghosts there are only claims but there is hardly any proof what so ever. Only in the minds of those who believe in the existence of ghosts that they claim to have seen it. It is possible that someone who constantly thinks and accepts in their mind that ghosts exist will say that they saw it. I personally don't believe in ghosts because granting that they are true then that would be unfair, its an overstaying privilege for them.


Another thing you might consider is that I have always heard that ghosts are "connected" or "tied" to the spot (or house or whatever) where they died/were killed/had very strong emotions about.

So I don't think you can say the ghost is being pulled by gravity as much as it is being pulled by circumstances surrounding it. (Does that make sense to you?)

Let's say that a ghost is tied to the general location where it was killed. The ghost moves through space because the LOCATION moves through space. It isn't being dragged by gravity.

Wow, you are making me think tonite!


Yes it is all supposition but interesting to speculate on.
Another question I posted some time back was about a person who was severely short sighted, yet she was able to see a ghost clearly without her glasses! This would indicate that the image was created in the mind and not seen with her eyes.


All I can add to what the others have said is that if ghosts are affected by gravity then they must be affected the same way in which we are. We wouldn't a don't notice the gravitational pull because we don't notice ourselves except of course when we fall.


It would depend on if a ghost has mass. Gravity exists because space is warped by anything with ,mass- the greater the mass, the greater space is warped. The bending of space around the Earth is what causes us to "fall" into the planet.