Ever seen a real UFO?

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Have you personally ever seen or had an experience with an actual UFO that you are almost 100% certain that it was not earthly? Tell us about it.

I rarely tell this story ... but I'm going to take a risk here and share it.

Several years ago, I had a rather unusual experience. I went camping up on my acreage in a very remote corner of the state. I was alone but for the company of my three dogs. When I camp, I don't use a tent or a camper; I sleep on a foam mat beneath my sleeping bag. My land is fairly remote -- there are no structures or even lights from homes within eyeshot, and it's thirteen miles of dirt road to reach the place. It's so dark at night you can see the red satellites crossing the sky. It's so quiet the sound of the bees and gnats are deafening.

Well before sun-up, I was awakened but not by a noise. It was still eerily quiet. Instead, it was light that awakened me -- a weird, white light that covered the entire area. There was no helicopter with a flood light; no noise whatsoever to indicate where the light came from; and I couldn't determine a light source at all -- it wasn't a beam, it was more like the entire site was washed in a soft but bright white light.

My heart raced and the dogs tensed but never barked. I stayed up with my gun near at hand for a couple of hours, unable to sleep -- it took a long time before my hands quit shaking and my breathing slowed. Eventually the light faded away, and well after that the dawn light arrived.

Was it a UFO? I have absolutely no idea. I only know that it's one of the oddest things I've ever witnessed, because to this day I cannot think of any logical explanation for that light-bath in the middle of the night in the middle of nowhere. Was I dreaming? Certainly not. I'm a light sleeper and a lucid dreamer, and this was as awake as I've ever been.

So I'm not sure I can say I've seen a real UFO, since I never actually SAW anything -- I just experienced a strange phenomenon. I have, on several occasions, seen objects in the night sky that mystified me -- but I'm skeptical about dubbing them a UFO; I consider them UtmFO's (Unknown to ME Flying Objects).


Wild oats- I think these things tend to happen when people are alone because the larger consciousness system can give you this experience and not mess with out space time rule set.

You're always gonna be dismissed by little picture thinkers because this type of thing cannot happen in their physical world where only physicality exists.

Because you can be dismissed easily this experience will never hold up to the scrutiny of little picture people. The experience could have been fake, I don't know. But, in principle, it can happen. Reality is virtual, so anything is possible.

It could be the larger consciousness system nudging you to realize that there is more to you than you first guessed. I've never had an experience like this yet. Thanks for telling your story, I liked it. Thanks for the question filthy wave.

"The mind of man and the world he lives in are not separate. On the contrary, they are part of the same giant thing we call god."


I enjoy looking up at the night sky, and several times have seen what at first appeared to be a star of normal size and brightness, until I notice that it's moving across the sky in a slow, steady manner.
What's most odd is how I've seen them all of the sudden just take off across the sky at high speed, and then disappear.
One summer a few years ago, I watched this happen five or six times. I've seen this while walking at night with other people, and we've stopped to watch. I don't have an explanation. Maybe they're UFO's, and maybe not. Whatever they are, they're interesting to watch, especially when they go "turbo".
Thanks for your question.


I have never seen nor encountered an actual UFO. However, I realize meteor showers can sometimes create misinterpretations thinking of them as UFOs. When a meteor enters Earth's atmosphere it burns due to friction with the air. Because of that it glows brightly, usually for just a second or two and vanishes. I noticed something like that years ago late at night traveling to New York. A brightly lit object appeared in the sky moving for just a second or two and I wondered what it was. But I'm convinced it was the result of a meteor entering the atmosphere from a meteor shower that night.

Portua60 I have seen exactly the same thing and in the company of others. I don't know what they were either but I would call them UFOs for lack of anything better.
Boatal18 I have no doubts you saw what you saw and that it was real. But like you can't say what it was.
Tipsmo67 I saw something once while in the company of a friend. At that time I had no idea what it was but many years later I learned that a lot of people living in the area saw something that night as well. It was reported in the paper but I still don't know what me and my friend saw.


I saw something that looked like a big ball of fire traveling towards the earth. By earth I me the ground. It was within the earth's atmosphere. It might have came into our atmosphere and burned up before impact or maybe it flew away. I don't really know what it was. I just know for about 2 seconds it looked like a small meteor was going to crash into the earth. Then it disappeared. However it probably was not an alien space ship.


Don't think I have seen one but when I was around 10, during August of that year me, my mum an dad witnessed something on the horizon well in the distance slowly slipping down below the houses out of sight. My dad was watching it through the binoculars.

Dad drew what he saw on a bit of paper. It looked like one of those RC glider soarer's with fins at the end of the wings. Looking at it head on.


I can't say that I have personally seen a UFO.


No, I've never seen a UFO.


So interesting!