Do you think that some "alians" are from earth ?

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I understand that the earth is very old, and many "life forms" have been here and are still here from ages past, and these anciant alians have gone underground to be protected.

Aliens are inter-dimensional beings and therefor are on earth all the time, there are also hybrid creatures who are half fallen angel and half human or animal which are here in underground bases around the world.

Aliens are not from another planet, but they are demonic. They are the fallen angels who fell with Satan, and then came to earth and had offspring with humans, Genesis chapter 6 tells this. What resulted were hybrid creatures which were the gods of the ancient civilizations. These hybrids giants were also the creatures that were in the Holy Land when the Hebrews took the land after wondering in the desert 40 years with Moses. That's why God had them kill everyone, cause they were demonic hybrids.

That's what Goliath was as well, a giant Nephilim, or hybrid creature, that's why he was so big. The giants were anywhere from 15-30ft tall, and were in all parts of the world, even America. This history is repressed by front agencies like the Smithstonian which are simply working for the global elite, which take direction from Satan and these hybrid creatures which are influencing the worlds powers. That's why the leaders are so evil in the world, because they worship demonic entities just like the ancient civilizations did, like Egypt, Sumaria, Atlantis, Lemuria, Inca, Mayan.

That's the best answer you'll get for this question, truth is stranger than fiction.
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One of my favorite explanation for the alien "grays," which have eyes but no other facial features is that it is a memory of a medical procedure. Some may be remembering being born and others may be remembering other procedures.

Think about it. The cap and mask cover the mouth, nose and hair, leaving only the eyes visible. Some stories also focus on the presence of bright lights above the table where the procedure takes place (which are necessary during procedures so that the doctor can see clearly) and by definition, someone performing a medical procedure is interfering with the body of the patient, which explains the probing and other things of that nature.

I believe that it is not impossible for there to be life on other planets, possibly even intelligent life that is more technologically advanced than ours. But there would be no reason for aliens to abduct hundreds, or even dozens, of people and clandestinely perform medical procedures on them unless they were looking for differences in metabolism and other processes (which are things we are only starting to figure out about ourselves at the moment). Once you've cut one human up, you've seen pretty much everything there is to see, and there's no reason to duplicate that procedure over and over.


There are no aliens living underground on earth. There are certainly life forms on Earth that appear strange to us, such as Hammerhead Sharks and Stingrays. I'm sure humans must appear strange to them too.

There is some speculation that life forms on Earth evolved from bacteria from meteorites that landed on this planet millions of years ago. The meteorites could have picked up bacteria from other planets. Some meteorites are so large and have hit other celestial bodies so hard that they knock off fragments that form other meteorites. This is thought to have been the situation with Mars which appears to have once had water on its surface as well as an atmosphere. Where there's water and an atmosphere, there's life. If one considers that possibility, you my friend, may be descended from alien life forms.

If you want more information, you may wish to read scientific journals based on real research. Do not delve into science fiction or out of the mainstream religious opinions for your theories. Real scientific research can provide data and theories that are far more fascinating than junk fiction.

The truth is out there!


Great question, it's like something from the movie men in Black. I would say that it is a possibility is an option however is nothing that I firmly believe in.

people have a lot of ideas with regards to this topic, however I also believe that we will never know if aliens are living among us. Aliens exist at least that is what I believe in my mind. Aliens have been represented in the media for a very long time. Directors from great movies have shown us all the possibilities with regards to aliens.

aliens could very well become a huge part of our lives, just think about how big the universe is we don't even know if it is constantly expanding itself, we don't know how big it is scientists say that they are constantly discovering new planets all the time and the universe is huge in aliens are a huge part of the universe of course.


I do not think there are any aliens here on earth. There may be animals that are throwbacks from thousands of years ago that have not been re-discovered yet but I really do not believe in aliens.


I personally do not believe that, but each person is entitled to their own ideas. I don't think there is enough evidence for this. So no, I do not think that there are aliens from earth.