Do you think that aliens exist?

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Explain why you think aliens do/don't exist

I'm absolutely convinced there is intelligent life out there. I took a physics class in my university called "Little Green Men." The class was not a joke but the title reflected the dry sense of humor of the instructor.

The class was fascinating. Our solar system is just one of billions. We can't even begin to count all the suns which have orbiting planets which may have atmospheres and also be situated in that "sweet spot" where they don't get too much sun or too little sun. The odds of there NOT being life is miniscule.

The origins of human life may have started on Mars. That planet shows evidence of once having an atmosphere as well as streambeds filled with water. Now findings suggest human origins came from Mars rather than from Earth and possibly meteors carried the elements to form life from Mars to Earth.

Bruce Jakovsky, planetary scientist at the University of Colorado, Boulder, and principal investigator at NASA's Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution, states data from Mars missions provide convincing evidence that Mar's early atmosphere was thick and warm. Between 4.3 billion to 3.5 billion years ago, its conditions would have supported water and life. He suspects that Mar's atmosphere was lost around 3.5 billion years ago because the planet's magnetic field failed. Magnetic fields protect a planet's atmosphere, preventing it from being stripped away by solar winds.

So, first of all, aliens exist and they are us since the elements enabling our development probably originated on Mars. Second, given the staggering number of planetary systems in existence with many being far older than our planetary system, statistically, there has to be other life in the universe.

For awe inspiring photos of other galaxies from the Hubble Telescope, refer to the following link:


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I do believe that other intelligent life is out there and if we choose to call them aliens then, yes I think they do exist. I think we subconsciously know about these other life forms, I very much doubt that this is just something made up by someone in some kind of conspiracy. I think it would be hasty of us to really think that we are alone in this universe that grows continually.

I have read a lot and seen a lot to come to some conclusion that there are other intelligent beings in some other galaxy on some other planets, no one can agree or disagree on whether or not aliens exist unless they prove their decision. But people have found debris, the infamous crop circles, the signal that took over live television in the UK and the message that followed are just some instances that would point to alien life forms.

I don't think we should try to convince people or sway anybodies mind, let each one choose to believe what they want to believe. The only thing I do not support is our drive to make contact with them,


I personally believe that the amount of evidence supporting aliens is staggering and as more and more officials who were sworn to secrecy start coming forward, it's just more confirmation that, yes, other intelligent life forms exist. They have always existed. Many have a history far older than the Earths. Scientists have seen them, astronauts have seen them, airplane pilots have seen them, millions of people around the world have seen them. Those who have not simply want to keep blinders on and deny they exist but all the denying in the world cannot erase simple truth. I think the real questions we should be asking is not do aliens exist - but why does government keep that existence secret? What good can aliens brings? What harm can they bring? Why are we so afraid to accept that they exist? And for many the question that comes to mind is: "How does their existence affect my faith and belief in God?" Does it effect it or does it reinforce it? These are questions that are far more important to answer.


I think that aliens exist. But, I don't think that existence means what I used to think it meant. I think that consciousness, or awareness is the fundamental nature of the universe. The rest of the stuff is derivative of that.

I think that everything is a part of mind. All an alien is, is a being that is outside of our solar system. The first thing I thought of was a little green alien, but I realized that is just the most basic interpretation of it. They are probably more advanced than that.

I think NASA will discover aliens in the future. It's only a matter of time before we reach the outer limits of space. Also, I think it is possible for experienced out of body people to contact aliens as well. It just takes effort to see what is out there.

Hopefully someone will see them in the future and it will be on the news.


Yes, I think "aliens" exist -- that is, I think extra-terrestrials exist. Given the astronomical (pun intended) size and complexity of the universe, I think it's actually foolhardy to assume that there isn't SOME form of life somewhere out there.

That said, I don't believe that we'll ever meet with one of those extra-terrestrial lifeforms, if they do exist. Given the almost unimaginable distances between our world and others with the potential to support life, and given the relativistic limitations on speed, I think the best we'll EVER do is perhaps communicate with another civilization, long-distance, with YEARS between replies.

Still, that would be the most stupendous and amazing thing to ever happen to humanity!


I personally believe that life does exist on some of the other planets. I am not sure how advanced they are and what sort of technology they have. I don't know if I believe they could manage to get to earth. There have been lots of apparent sightings of aliens and spaceships in the press over the years, but most of these were said to have been trick photography. I'm sure that if aliens had been here, there would have been more people seeing them and the scientists would know about it.

I think that life forms exist on these other planets, and it would be great to find out for sure if this is the case.


Yes aliens exist.
Whether one believes that intelligent life exists "out there" and have come to our little planet, or that aliens are creatures of mind like angels or djinni, they do exist because people believe they exist.
The really interesting thing is "why do they hide?" If either they are good for us or bad for us why do they only appear enigmaticly in isolated instances? Why not land their ships right on the Mall in DC and either tell us to get our affairs in order, or help us to do so, or subjugate us or wipe us out? Why hide?
Thats the real question.


I would say that they do exist and let me tell you why. The galaxy that we live in is huge and there are a lot of planets here but the universe it even bigger and greater.

The has to be life in other planes just because what is the point of having other planets if they don't serve any purpose. I know that some people think this is a crazy idea but I know it is not crazy since the universe is so big that there has to be something somewhere else you know. There has to be something somewhere else and that is just the bottom line.


Considering the size of the universe I believe there is life other than ours out there, however the technology for us to reach them is still many years in the future however it is possible aliens may already have the technology to reach us.

If aliens are able to reach us it would clearly define them as the technologically advanced species.

Thanks for asking.


Universe is infinite, so yes i believe they exist somewhere far, far away.

There is probably some one celled species out there, but I personally hope there are some intelligent aliens out there.