Do you believe in Unidentified Flying Objects, and what is your opinion of the Phoenix Lights in Arizona?

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Fact or fiction

There are always going to be objects in the sky that fall outside the realm of known craft, but to have so many incidents reported with essentially no physical proof that they are extraterrestrial in origin or have alien pilots kind of shoots the believers out of the saddle. As far as the Phoenix Lights are concerned, eyewitness accounts are notoriously unreliable, and the string of lights that disappeared was later shown to be military flares that blacked out as they went behind a mountain range in the distance. Skeptics took a daytime shot of the mountains from the same spot as the nighttime video and superimposed it over the video, and lo and behold the lights winked out as they were blocked by the mountains, and not in order either, as at some spots there were gaps in the peaks and those burned until they were at a lower altitude. This sighting was thoroughly debunked at the time but is still paraded out by the believers without mention of the fact that there was a perfectly legitimate explanation.


Any object in the sky that you can't identify - and that can't be identified to you by a reliable source - is an unidentified flying object. Heck, once my dad and I were driving down the road and saw a really bright light that appeared to be flying along the road. It turned out to be a tower light that was brighter than laws allow, but until we identified it it was a UFO. We even kept joking it was an alien ship and may or may not have been hoping it really was of alien origin. (The way the light was situated on top of a broadcast antenna, and how bright it was, it looked like it was keeping pace with us as we drove down the hi-way.)

I believe it's completely possible for some UFO sightings to have been of alien origin, but 99% are undoubtedly not and are either fakes or can be identified as something else from this planet.

As for the Phoenix Lights, I don't know. The people undoubtedly saw something, but to say whether it was alien or not is impossible to do. I doubt it was, but that's just me.


I am absolutely certain of nothing with regard to extra-terrestrial UFOs, but the odds are with them existing, so their visitation to Earth is really the one remaining critical question. Assuming they do exist, and if you look at just the statistical possibility you will be inclined to assume that they do, then have they visited Earth or not? With the many representations in the art and literature of antiquity, as well as the many more recent reports, it would be foolish to simply write off this record of contact as one of hoaxes, or deliberate misinformation.

As for the Phoenix display that is so well documented, it would have been so hard to fake this lengthy episode that it is almost impossible to conclude it was anything other than an actual visitation. But since I did not see it myself, I cannot say for certain.


I have seen a number of odd objects in the sky that I am absolutely certain were not home grown. What they were, where they came from and who was piloting them I imagine I'll never know. But since there were others who saw them as well I feel fairly confident that they were UFOs.

To me they are just another one of those mysteries that we won't figure out till one falls out of the sky into our laps. This needs to happen in public, with lots of witnesses and cameras around.

How ever well documented, I was not a witness to the Phoenix Lights in Arizona.


Anyone who does not believe in Unidentified flying objects is an idiot. Anything that flies over your head and you do not know what it is, is technically an unidentified flying object. That said, to believe that UFOs are aliens or not, I would be foolish to say that I know for sure either way.

Some unidentified flying objects may indeed be of alien origin, I cannot be sure.

As far as the Phoenix lights in Arizona, my opinion is that of curiosity, I do not know what they are either. Nor will I say for certain they are fake or alien.


I believe in UFOs because I have seen lots of unidentified flying objects. Some could have been alien crafts but most likely they were all man made. For most people the Phoenix Lights in Arizona are unidentified but that does not mean anything. I don't know if they are fact or fiction.