Do you believe in Reptilians?

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Conspiracy theorist have it that Reptilians shapeshifters rule the world. What are your thoughts?

People such as David Icke have suggested that many politicians and royalty are shape shifting reptiles. I wonder if when he originally spouted this he was meaning it as a metaphor rather than an actuality? Was he saying they really are reptiles, or just saying they are "like" reptiles? At any rate it took off and now he does say they really are reptiles and they take the shape of humans and are running the world.

I think he, and others, would have more credit if they just stuck to saying they are like reptiles rather than that they actually are reptiles.

I do not think shape shifting to that degree is possible. I know some animals, such as octopi can sort of change their shapes but they do not have a skeleton. I do not think any animal has the ability to alter its skeleton to appear human/lizard at any time. Nor would it be possible to instantly grow hair, then take it away and have scales. Color change in some reptiles is possible however I think that the rest of it is a total stretch of the imagination.


Shape-shifting is certainly possible these days -- thanks to the easily-utilized special effects features that can be incorporated in home videos. I watched with amusement a "real" video of one of Obama's Secret Service agents shapeshifting into a reptile at a public forum. I enjoyed the video. Obviously, it was not an authentic video; people are people and reptiles are reptiles, and one doesn't become the other. The concept that human-like reptiles (or reptile-like humans) are fluidly integrated among the "normal" human population is illogical and impossible, although I have run across a few snakes and lounge lizards over the years, metaphorically speaking.

No, I don't believe in Reptilians. I think it's either a hoax perpetuated by people who enjoy watching others taken in, or perpetuated by people who suffer from legitimate psychosis and delusional thought. I still find the videos amusing, though.


Many ancient cultures have depicted advanced reptilian-like people in drawings and symbols, including the Sumerians. These are found throughout the world in many different areas. Why would cultures that had very little or no contact all describe similar things? Maybe these creatures or aliens if you will, have been among us for thousands if not millions of years. Who knows what technology they might posses. They might even be able to change their entire DNA genetic code in a matter of seconds to blend in.

The answer to your question is No, I do not believe the shapeshifters are among us. But there is a big difference between believing and fact. I think it is very possible they were on this planet some years ago. Why would they want to be here now? The Earth is a polluted cesspool just waiting for time to halt.


A long time ago there was a TV programme called V which depicted Reptilian Aliens disguised as humans taking over the world. Possibly this affected David Icke and those who believe him.

I saw pictures of the Sumerians/assyrians that Laurence Gardner claimed had reptilian features and was not convinced: nothing out of the ordinary for humans.

In Seances mediums change appearance dramatically, but not into lizards.

And in the case of Royalty I am sure the secret would have leaked out by now

So overall without good proof, and it would have to be good, I remain skeptical.


All I know is that if I was a conspirator I would not want people to know it. I might think of the idea of getting someone to say that I was a conspirator, but also say something crazy, such as I was an alien from outer space who had taken human form. A few people would follow this, but the vast majority would reject the whole thing as the province of crazy people, and so not many people would suspect me and would dismiss the conspiracy theories as nonsense. What David Icke says is so crazy that it makes me wonder if his purpose is to put us off the scent.


«Do you believe in Reptilians?
Conspiracy theorist have it that Reptilians shapeshifters rule the world. What are your thoughts?»


- Don´t listen to conspiracy theories.

- The world was to end in 2000
- The world was to end in December of 2012 because of Maya Calendar.
- The Planet X was also to pass our solar system in 2012 bringing a invasion of Aliens.

Do I need to continue?
We are still here right?