Do you believe in ghosts?

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Why or why not?

Yes I do believe in ghosts as I have actually seen one. I was living with my fiancée at the time in his parents house. His grandmother passed away and a few days later I saw this translucent figure standing in the entrance way to my fiancées bedroom. I got chills at the time and all the hairs stood up on my arms and the back of my neck. The feeling I got was peaceful and almost inviting, it was not a threatening feeling at all.

In any event, I did not want my fiancée to think I was nuts so I didn't say anything to him about it in the beginning. A few days later, a globe that was affixed to the bathroom ceiling fell down and shattered on the toilet below. I was very thankful that nobody was in the bathroom at this time. However, I wondered if this event had something to do with the ghost I saw.

The next day, I went into the office directly across the hall from my fiancées bedroom and saw the same translucent figure standing in the office in front of the window. The figure just starred at me, I tried to communicate, but the figure said nothing back.

The translucent figure was almost luminescent. At times, it would get brighter and then fade out and then get brighter again. The very first time I saw it in the bedroom, I pinched myself to make sure I wasn't dreaming. I also turned my head away from the figure and looked back at it three or four times just to make sure I wasn't imagining it.

I had finally had enough and decided I needed to talk to my fiancée about it. I'll never forget the exchange. I said, I really need to talk to you about something and I'm not sure how to approach this. I started to describe what I saw and my fiancée stopped me short and said, you've seen my grandmother. I nearly fainted. He had seen her too and knew it was her. He told me that when she would visit, she would stay in the room across the hall which was now the office. He also told me that she was very concerned with her appearance and would spend a lot of time in the bathroom, so maybe this explains the globe that fell and broke.

A couple weeks after all of this had happened, my fiancée became a born again Christian. The events had a very profound effect on him. Now he is an ordained minister that lives in Israel and he runs the largest Christian website on the web.


Yes, I believe in ghosts! I guess I always have, but the clincher was when I saw my two year old daughter walking down the hall, holding "someone's" hand! I couldn't see anyone, but she was deifinitely holding her hand up, cusped like a little girl holding an adult's hand. Later, when she was 3 1/2 or so, she would tell me that "sister" was blocking the TV! Or "Mother" was with her.. creeepyyy. The house I live in now, has a ghost. I have not seen him, but I have had someone play with my hair while I'm alone, or blow in my ear.. sounds funny, I know, but it's so weird when it happens to you! Neal (that's his name) died here, I didn't know it when we bought the house. He has had a lot of interaction with one of my dogs. I've even seen my dog cowar from him, and bark at him. Once, he jumped down off the couch and ran to the middle of the room and sat up on his hind legs with his ears back.. EEK! My husband who doesn't believe, nor has any experience with ghosts, saw this with the dog.. he was a little creeped out! He (Neal) actually would appear to the lady who used to own this house, I believe that is why she put it up for sale. I have since asked Neal to leave our home.. and so far, he's staying gone, or "out of sight"!


I guess I am on the fence regarding the existence of ghosts and other spirits. There does seem to be some proof that there are forces just outside our comprehension that flit back and forth into and out of our consciousness but sometimes I think it could all be a bunch of parlour tricks.

There has been no spectral encounters or unexplainable shapes or shadows spotted out of the corner of my eye, but I do have some faith in an afterlife. Do the recently departed hang around wearing old bed sheets with holes cut out for eyes? I do not think so, but there are odd coincidences that get noticed. I have a door that refuses to stay closed. I close the door and an hour or so later it opens by itself. Is it an unseen roommate in the other room wanting to see what is going on in the kitchen? Or simply a loose lock or a weird structural anomaly of the house?


Yes I do believe in ghosts. My experience with the supernatural goes like this. There was a family who lived in our house before us. They moved out years before and their mom always said how she wanted to visit our house again before she died one day. Well my mom was laying in bed one night before my dad got home. They have a special air bed and you can feel a shift in weight when ever someone lays down on the bed. So you can tell if someone sits on the bed. Well she felt the whole bed shift like someone sat on it. She sat up and looked around and no one was there. The next day when my dad was at church the family told him that their mother passed away. Well she passed away at the same time my mom felt the movement and her room was the womens room.


Do I believe in ghosts? I would have to answer sometimes.

In the cold light of day, sitting in my own house all warm and comfortable I definitely don't believe in ghosts.

In the middle of a cold,dark and stormy night, when the lights go out without warning and I am all alone in the house and things start to creak and moan - then I do believe in ghosts.

I know lots of people, my own son included, who do believe in ghosts and I really wish I did too. It would be such a comfort to me to know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that life does go on after death. To know that one day I would be reunited with my loved ones who have died.


Maybe. I have definitely heard some freaky stories. I don't really like the term "ghosts." I tend to think more that there are spirits and angels around us at times. I remember one time when I was in my bed with my daughter when she was about 2 or 3 (hubby was working late), she was telling me the little girl in the corner was pretty. Needless to say I freaked and started telling her nobody was there and asking her questions. I calmed down when she told me the girl was wearing an orange dress and had orange hair. At least it made it seem more like she was making it up, but you want to talk about chills. Wow.


Yes I definitely believe in ghosts. I have had many ghostly experiences in my life and so have some of my children and sisters. Too many things to be explained as anything else. Some have been scary and some not. After my mother passed away she visited briefly and was felt/seen by myself and my eldest daughter. It was a very emotional moment for us but we knew that she was moving on and were happy that she visited.


Yes I believe in ghosts, but I ain't affraid of none! I believe that when we die our spirits go to the spirit world (here). We will wait until the time to reunited with our bodies (resurection), and will never be seperated again. My religeous beliefs drive my belief in ghosts.


Sometimes yes, sometimes no, because i have no any experience or any incident w/ about ghost,
but when some reliable person in my life tell some creepy story of their experience about ghost or any unknown element,, thats the time that i'm gonna think if i believe or not..