Do you believe in aliens?

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Whether you do or don't believe in aliens, what is the reason you say so?

Interesting question.

I believe there are several answers to it.

Firstly, if you mean "Do you believe that intelligent lifeforms not from planet Earth exist in the universe?", then the answer is Yes. The reason for my belief is that it is statistically improbable that Earth has the only life, and since life requires diversity to survive, it is also likely that there exists intelligent life among the species and forms of life that supposedly exists.

If you mean "Have space travelers from another planet ever visited Earth?", then I would say the answer is Not Known, but my belief is that this has not occurred. There is unfortunately no compelling evidence of any alien visitation from another planet to earth, and our scientific knowledge precludes any such possibility due to the speed of light limitation on travel velocity.

It is obviously possible that there exists an alien life form that have evolved before us, or at a faster rate than us. Such a species would then have had more time and/or more intelligence to discover more science than us. This would then give them the potential to travel in ways we cannot imagine. However, since we cannot imagine it, or know it, I cannot take this potentiality seriously except in the abstractly hypothetical sense.

This same argument holds for aliens that come from a parallel universe or alternate dimension.

Lastly, consider this interesting scenario:

Humans have sent out several probes into outer space. Voyager1 and Voyager2 are both outside of the solar system, and may conceivably contain dormant bacteria, viruses, or more likely fungi spores, despite the most stringent measures taken by NASA to the contrary.

Spores can survive for many, many years.

These spores will be reactivated and can easily survive under the right conditions. All they need is water, heat, and some basic mineral nutrients. These are all present on asteroids, which may collide with the Voyager probes and cause a spore infection on such asteroids. Asteroids are flung out of star systems all the time by giant planets such as Jupiter.

It doesn't take much more to imagine that we, or rather micro-organisms from Earth, might one day be the aliens on some other planet, very far into the future.

In fact, that might be where Earth life came from in the first place:) (But probably not)


It would be very arrogant of us to assume that out of all the thousands of planets we know are out there that Earth is the only one with some kind of living organism. Each planet has a different environment and some may very well be able to support life in some form or another.

I would say that it is a forgone conclusion that other life forms do exist but the chances of those life forms having the technology and know how to travel to different planets is something I wouldn't want to speculate on. If they do have the technology then they are far more advanced that we are! The hundreds of sightings of so called aliens can be attributed to any number of things but there are too many of them for us to rule out the possibility that they are in fact from another planet.

One of the other possible explanations for alien sightings is that in the future we solve the mystery of time travel and these aliens are in fact time travellers from so far in the future that the human physiology has turned us into something unrecognisable by today's humans.


Do I believe in aliens? Yes would be the answer to that question. If one looks up at the size of the galaxy, it contains millions upon millions of various suns, many of these suns having planets orbiting around them. So the chances are that some of these planets will be able to support life, if not life more intelligent than us mere humans is extremely likely.

Yet one main issue is that if these aliens are out there, (or the truth is out there as X-Files puts it) then why have they being so quiet. Apart from views of aliens and UFOs, generally there is no evidence of life out there. For the past 60-70 years, we have being sending radio signals out into space, yet we haven?t as yet got any responses back yet. So one would guess that if the aliens are around, they either keeping very quiet or aren?t in our backyard.

Yet with the size of the universe, we only just started to scan the local cosmos, so proof of aliens could emerge any time now. So to answer your question, I am a believer.


I do not think so, but then, some of the "evidence" sways me a bit from time to time. Some experts believe aliens have been around since the stone ages. Drawings on cave walls supposedly show alien visitors. My biggest issue is if they were real, why have they not showed themselves to us in a way that is not so 'blurred" or up for debate. If they are real why do they keep hovering, and yet, never really making contact. If they have been around since the beginning of time studying us, then what are they waiting for to make a real visitation?

That being said, some of the videos are quite convincing. When hundreds of people report seeing the same thing, it kind of makes you wonder if it is a possibility. If there really aliens I sincerely doubt they have any good intentions.


I definately think that it is possible. After all, we exist on earth. How do we really know that we are not the aliens to some other planet. I know scientists have studied other planets and they say conditions are right. However, there are other solar systems out there that we haven't even explored. This means, their may be perfect conditions out there somewhere else for life to exist.
We dont' consider ourselves aliens, but maybe out there somewhere, there is someone or something that does. It is a big universe out there, and we haven't even touched on every aspect of it!


With so many planets and galaxies out there, there have to be some other types of life besides what is seen on Earth. I do not know if they have gotten here, though. If they have, our governement would not tell us. Our governement is very secretive, except when their computers get hacked, like we found out yesterday.