Do you believe in Aliens?

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This is a an interesting question. I wonder how many people that do believe in Aliens also consider themselves a religious person and how they justify that belief.

For several years, hundreds of books and films have been popularised because of our fascination with aliens. The result is that individual human beings either believe that aliens are fictional characters or believe that aliens do exist. The power of Hollywood has made this a clear-cut black and white question.

Which is why it is such a great question - you will get a clear yes or not from most people.

Personally I think that there are aliens in our galaxy. Which also makes us aliens to those other beings!

How can humans be the only intelligent beings in the universe? It is so vast that I can not imagine that we are alone - another kind of intelligent life exists somewhere.

Think about it : -
* the universe was "born" 15 billion years ago
* our star, the Sun, was born 4 - 5 four billion years ago
* the earth was formed about four billion years ago
* the dinosaurs lived 400 million years to 65 million years ago
* Neanderthal man lived 2 million years ago
* primitive man appeared about about 100,000 to 30,000 years ago

Modern man has only 5000 years of recorded history which is a huge contrast when compared to the existence of the dinosaurs. Yet we have invented the wheel, the internal combustion engine and space travel. We have philosophy and arts. We are pretty impressive in what we have achieved in such a relatively short time.

Consider how vast the universe is - how it consists of hundreds of billions of clusters of starts and planets - how each of those galaxies is composed of hundreds of billions of suns. With all of that vastness out there if life existed only on our little planet Earth that would be a waste of 99.99999% of the universe as dead, empty and uninhabited. That is not possible.

I also believe that aliens are already among us - why not ? And why do most people assume that "aliens" will be aggressive to wards us ?

I'm not "religious" in the sense that I ally myself to any specific major religion - but I have a spiritual life and within that I feel that we should all be open minded about the existence of other forms of life on other planets. It is an affirmation of life.


I, personally believe in Aliens, not aliens like in movies .. wicked etc but alien like us, humanoids from other galaxies.. those humanoids who attained great advancement either on a development or astral plane.

Coming to you question about alien beliefs and being religious at same time, I will tell you that I'm that kind of boy, for the simple reasons below:

In the hindu religion, we do pray to various Gods and Goddesses who have guide and shapened our lives in certain ways. Based on that, with more advanced facts, it might and quite almost sure that the Gods were infact aliens (again not ugly ones, but like us or like the Gods we adoring), with powers and being benevolent to us.

Looking on a deeper sense of analogy, Religions tell us that through meditation with can advance to higher astral levels and levitate etc.... and in aliens technology (that have been proclaimed), they might use mental powers to advance through space and time. Both seem to be the same.

So, believing in aliens and still being religious is just a + point and an additional advancement in our own personal belief. In both cases, we are not to lose but gain.

We people are here to learn and developed ourselves - whether other will like or not, we are free to respect our Gods and same respect given to the Aliens if they are here, harmless to us.

Love yourself, Love your surrounding and respect your and others beliefs too.


I too believe that there are aliens just like all the others who posted their answers here. Not only me, even the world's reputed scientist now , Stephen Hawking also believes that aliens are there.
In this big, vast universe, there will be some place which is suitable for some type of living beings called aliens to survive.

Yes, there maybe eyes looking at us from somewhere in the parts of the universe which we can't imagine. The great scientist Stephen Hawking as I described above believes that there maybe some aliens located in the Jupiter's outer rings which is full of ice. There are also some incidents in some parts of our planet which reveal that aliens are there.

But those news maybe rumours. So, we can't certainly say that these aliens are real , but in my opinion, can be.

So, the thing that really matters is I believe in aliens, which are normal ,means, just like us without some superpowers and all. They maybe more advanced than us in technological means, but most likely will not have some kind of superpowers and all.


I'm totally with Jay on this. I do believe in aliens, and will go so far as to say I have seen some. There's just no way that all this space in the universe exists for just a few living being on a tiny planet in a tiny solar system in a medium-sized galaxy.

Maybe one day we'll hear the government disclose information that is already rumored to exist anyhow - the Roswell incident, for example, seems a likely candidate for actual extraterrestrial contact on a larger scale.

I believe the leadership of the world deliberately conceals information regarding alien life because it would seriously undermine many religions and potentially lead to wide-spread panic and a collapse of systems that have been in place and carefully maintained for centuries or more.

Personally, I would think that alien life would reaffirm the belief in God. I believe he is all-powerful, so why would he waste his limitless talent for creation on what amounts to a speck of dust in the universe?


Yes, I believe tthat aliens do exist ,because the universe is too big and vast that most of us can not comprehend or do not want to accept that there is strong possibility that there may be lifeforms on other planets.Think about the Roswell incident or the endless ufo``s captured on camera and if you add to this the fact there may hundreds ,thousans or even more planets that can support lifeforms ,I say it is only a matter of time until we will receive our confirmation
Regarding your comment that alien believers are more religious persons,I think there is a connection between these things.I think the bond is build around faith,thus is easier for a religious person to believe in something without having seen any proof of its existence


I am pretty sure I believe in aliens. Although I don't think that they are at all like the movies portray them. I just think that there are so many planets out there, and so many that we don't even know about... honestly WHAT are the odds that there is no life on any of them? I'm sure they aren't on ALL planets (obviously) but to think that thy aren't on ANY is just a silly thought to me.


I believe in life on other planets. I think there are thousands of planets out there that could have lifeforms on them. We would call them aliens if they are from another planet. We call people aliens if they are from Mexico. I am not a religious person. It is an interesting thought that people would believe in aliens and be religious.


No,I don't believe in aliens.I don't think It exists.


If we do believe in God, so why not to beleive in aliens?a?


I don't believe in them because i never saw one..