Do you believe any conspiracy theories?

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For example, some of the most popular are the Roswell incident in 1947, that the moon landings were faked, that 9/11 was planned by the US government. Personally, I see no reason to believe in any of them...

Many people are considered "crazy" for believing in conspriacies and are often dismissed. History has proven that conspriracies are real. We know from history the media can portray things in a light that is not 100% true and maybe not at all. I think it is wise for everyone to do their own research and investigate the facts, rather than blindly believe what they are told happened in any situation. Some of the conspiracy theories you mentioned do have unaswered questions as well as some answers that simply do not add up.
Some people question the events of 9/11 because of the way the buildings collapsed demolition style, The fact that a 757 airplane would not fit in the hole left in the Pentagon. These are just a few things that are questionable. There are just as many questions about the moon landings, and the assasination of JFK. Lee Harvey Oswald was not an ordinary man. He had some very interesting connections and strange experiences that make it impossible to believe he was just a crazy man that woke up one morning and decided to kill the president. Unless it is first hand informationcan. no one can say with absolute positivity that they know the exact details of any of these events, but everyone should research and be able to give reason for their beliefs.
There are many websites where you can do research on your own to gather facts, weigh out both sides of the story and form your own opinon. I recommend reading and/or listening to information that offers a balanced view on both sides of the story. Many people discount conspiracy theories without even hearing whether or not there is a valid point one is making because they do not want to believe there is even a possibility. Then of course there are some that believe the government is out to get them and all of the world so EVERTHING is a conspiracy. Here are some websites you may find helpful in researching the events:
There are also many documentaries on this website that offer a great deal of information on these topics: www.topdocumentaryfilms.com


The more you research and question things the more you will find how things are connected even when they are disassociated in ways that at first seem esoteric in nature.

Until you can look at what?s happening from different directions you never see the advent of ?What is possible?? I believe that there is a war for control of the global economy and its battles are the underlying correlation to current events.

Every action in the world by its religious, political, and business elite has a powerful and financial purpose that can only be consummated by the chaos of directing, misdirecting, and misleading our emotions. ?Yes, there are covert entities that studied how to control peoples? emotions; so they can use it to control what we will do.

The only defense is to be able to think for yourselves and don't be ruled by your emotions. The software for the brain I use is: (WI2WIP) What Is 2 What is Possible.


I usually make fun of most conspiracy theories.

However, I do believe this one: That Lee Harvey Oswald did not act alone in killing President John F. Kennedy. I do believe that there were probably back-up shooters on the grassy knoll. I lived in Dallas for 25 years, and I have stood by the window used by Oswald in the Book Depository Building (now part of a museum), and I have stood on the grassy knoll. I believe shots were probably fired from both places.

Other than that, I don't believe that there are very many really big conspiracies, such as those involving aliens, etc.


No, I do not believe any of the conspiracy theories. I believe there is a new book which has recently been released which is purported to give logical explanations of the 1947 Roswell incident. I need to research this to see for sure. If so, it would be interesting reading.

So many individuals would have to be included for any of these conspiracies to have taken place and all this many people could never keep quiet.


Yes. And you might too if you've ever seen a documentary called, "The Arrivals". Feel free to check it out on youtube. Just letting you know - be prepared, it's hours long. Also, try to watch them in sequence.

Check out the rest on Youtube.


Not really. The most common problem with conspiracy theories is that they are too complex. Real life conspiracies, the ones that have been uncovered, are almost always pretty straightforward.