Do you believe

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In aliens?

With the infinite numbers of planets, solar systems and galaxies around us, I would think it would be very unlikely that there are not some kind of alien lifeforms living on other planets, whether they are intelligent or not and that "we are not alone!".

Whether alien life forms have visited the earth is another question, although there are some intriguing facts in the world, which are very hard to explain which could indicate some kind of "contact" (such as Sanrosevern's fascinating link to the Nizza incident, and also the Dogon Tribe in West Africa and the Sirius mystery). I must confess, I have seen a group of UFO's many years ago, I could only suppose today they where weather balloons, but their movement and speed seemed just too intricate to exactly corroborate this fact, although I still remain very open minded.

I very much liked the quote from the British scientist Dr Colin Pillinger, who said that "it would be very arrogant of us to assume that we were the pinnacle of evolution"


Yes, Stephen Hawking is very smart and he believes that the Universe is so vast that any possible form of life probably exists somewhere. He also believes that we should avoid intelligent alien life because if they were more technologically advanced it would probably be analogous to when Columbus came to America which obviously was not good for the Native Americans. Givin the fact that nothing like this has happened and there is no definitive evidence of contact with an Alien species I believe that it might be impossible to have any contact with alien because of the vast distances between stars. We don't know if a warp drive is possible and perhaps any species will naturally come extinct before they are able to invent such a thing. Also when you look at another star you are looking back in time and if we had a strong enough telescope maybe we would be looking back too far for life to have originated yet. So, if there is no way to contact or observe aliens whatsoever, do they even exist?


I believe that there are other life forms in the universe so I guess if you consider any life form other than humans to be alien then my answer is yes. The universe is just to vast and with billions and billions of stars and planets out there I have a hard time believing that earth is the only place where intelligent life forms have developed. I think at some point, perhaps not in my lifetime, that we will confirm the existence of intelligent life somewhere else besides earth. When this happens it will be one of the greatest discoveries in the history of our planet, to finally confirm that we are not alone in the universe.

Thanks for the question.


I do believe in aliens. I was taught in my science classes that there are more stars in the sky than there are grains of sand on Earth. Given that there are this many stars out there and many of these stars have a bunch of planets and moons surrounding them in their own solar systems then there would have to be some place somewhere in the universe that is just like Earth. I believe this from a statistical point of view.

The chances that the conditions necessary for life don't exist anywhere else seems small to nil. I imagine that some of these planets must also have intelligent life like the kind that we would call aliens.


I definitely believe in aliens. The universe is so vast it would seem improbable to say the least, that our planet is the only rock in space where life has evolved. In any case, there are so many sightings of alien craft, and historic references to celestial beings, that I suspect at least some of them must be true. I personally know at least one person who claims to have seen alien spacecraft, and I've spoken to several more.

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I believe in the possibility of aliens. The universe is a very big place. With all the other planets out there some of them probably have life on them. I don't know if there are any on earth but there could be. You can find what looks like depictions of aliens in ancient artifacts that are in museums. To see them you just need to go to the right museums or do a search online to see the pictures of the artifacts.


I believe in us. The concept of life on other planets makes life on earth a less random event. This argument is getting too old. With every new galaxy discovered in our immediate universe, comes the probability of solar systems within made up of planets much like our own, some containing the elements necessary to support life.


The universe is way too vast for our planet to be the only intelligent life existing.