Do aliens exist

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Do aliens exist ? i mean like really.. was just looking at some ufo videos and they look so real to me, plus we can't be the only race out there can we ? What do you think on this matter

Do aliens actually exist? This is a very interesting question. Personally, I believe that we are NOT alone in the universe and that there is other, more advanced intelligent life out there. Yet there are arguments both for and against the existence of extra-terrestrials.

One of the main arguments for the existence of aliens is the fact that the universe is so huge (potentially infinite) that to assume we are the only intelligent form of life is bit ridiculous. Also in recent years, with the discovery of planets orbiting other stars, this gives rise to the claim that life can exist and evolve elsewhere in the universe.

Yet one of the main arguments against aliens is that as so far, we humans have been broadcasting messages out to the stars for over 60 years now, in the form of TV and radio signals. If advanced life were in our cosmic corner, surely they would have heard our transmissions and perhaps politely replied back. Likewise, we should by now picked up transmissions from other advanced races, especially those that thousands of years ahead of us (and so their TV/radio signals would have had more time to reach further out into the cosmos). Unfortunately there seems to be an eerie silence.

Yet the counter arguments used is that alien signals could be broadcasted on any frequency and even if our antennas were out by one frequency, a radio wave from ET could pass right by us and we?d never know. Also, with their signals travelling through space for possibly thousands of years, the signals would have weakened to the point that our technology can?t detect the signal from all the background noise in the universe.

I believe in aliens and you are right, the YouTube videos of UFOs do look realistic, well some of them, anyhow.


More than likely you are quite logical in believing in this alien existence theory because the universe seems boundless. There must be another speck or cinder the size of earth revolving around a star and having the same basic elements.

Humans after all are only composites of the same elements found on land and sea. Science hasn't found any surprisingly new elements yet, so maybe another planet has moving creatures like men and women. The arms and legs are just extensions that are needed to get from one place to another; eyes keep people aware of surroundings; ears, noses, teeth, and other parts all have their purpose for survival.

One tricky thing that might prevent people from detecting aliens is size. Under the microscope, scientists, especially doctors, have seen some pretty frightening living creatures. Thankfully, they are too small to harm people unless they are bacteria.

The aliens might be microscopic. They might be here already, living out their lives peacefully in colonies on the ground, in the air, or under the oceans. They don't bother people any more than people bother them. There's a great coexistence possible in the alien theory.

People often look for aliens who resemble them. If an alien were really gigantic, this would present a major source of terror. So far nothing that big has been seen.

Aliens exist but no one has seen any of them yet. It is a fascinating subject, as intriguing as the universe itself or the prospect of miracles.


If you look at it statistically then in all likelihood there are aliens in the universe. There are billions of galaxies, with billions of stars in them ? even if only 1% of the stars have planets, and only 1% of these planets have the same conditions as Earth then there are still millions of planets that could sustain life.

The chance of only one of these planets actually being the only planet with life on it is very remote. Now whether there are many intelligent life forms out there is probably a different question ? so while there are probably aliens, the chances of there being aliens who can traverse the huge distances to find our planet are remote.

I wouldn?t say it?s impossible for there to be aliens with intelligence vastly superior to ours, but with so many galaxies and stars and planets, the chances of them finding us must also be very remote!


Yes, there are some theories I am interested in, there are aliens, some believe they are here. Could the government be covering up something, whoever knows, they are not telling us, but wait think about this for a second okay. Why is it with all the space satellites, telescopes, we don't seem to see or hear anything? Ok it is maybe government covering it up, but what about amateur to pro telescope space explorers or the space telescope currently in space now, is there no Alien space ships spotted there?

There are theories, that aliens travel through time and they come from the future or they pass through or live on earth away from humans. There was a documentary on UFOs that filmed a very impressive footage of UFOs that I saw on TV, I think they exist because we aren't the masters of the whole universe.


I believe there is something more out there than many of us may realize. When you study old world tec and the human race it just keeps going back and back in time, . This world is older than some of us think, and holds many mysteryies.


I can't answer this question, noone really can. I do believe in the phrase "believe it when I see it".