Do aliens really exists ?

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Of all the many conspiracy theories out there, one of those that seems more likely or credible than most, is the one that claims the U.S. government has conspired to conceal the true nature of various alien encounters.

There is undeniable proof that the government has concealed information and outright lied about facts. Those indications are at least sufficient to arouse curious minds to the suspicion that extra-terrestrial aliens do, indeed, exist. But that is merely one reason to suppose they exist.

Simply considering the odds of life on other worlds, it is far more likely they do exist than it is that they do not. And the argument that if they existed, they would have made contact by now, is extremely weak. If you had developed to a state some 20,000 years (or considerably more than that) beyond the current levels of humanity, would you take the time, or the risk, to try to communicate with the lower life forms? How much time do you spend these days trying to communicate with bears or Tuna fish?

Of course, the one thing we lack is solid, residual evidence in the form of physical artifacts to prove the visitation from aliens. But if the conspiracy theory is accurate, whatever evidence exists has been "removed from evidence," So we are left to assume none exists on the word of a government that clearly has an agenda to deceive on the matter.

There was an incident where our missile "defense" system was disabled, at the time when UFOs were in evidence over the launch sites. There have been mass sightings of objects in the skies, after which the official position of our government was that nothing unusual really happened. There have been numerous reports of individual contact with aliens, and invariably the people who make these claims are routinely discredited--by our government.

While I have never seen a UFO, if I did I would be strongly tempted not to reveal it to many people, simply because of the negative impact it would have on the people I know and live with. They don't need the hassles from a paranoid government, bent on deception and the promulgation of ignorance in preference to information dissemination.

That climate of deception, the mathematical odds, and the many reports (that go back thousands of years, by the way) are sufficient for me to assume the likelihood is that aliens do exist.


If aliens are defined as beings other than the human kind, then yes I believe aliens exist. I need only look to the scriptures available to us to know that we are not alone in the universe. First, there is a Creator, and He has heavenly servants called in the Hebrew malaks or angels. They have assigned jobs and do not make their presence known to humans unless the Father authorizes them to do so.

There are also fallen, rebellious angels who are responsible for plenty of ills on this planet. I have little proof, but I believe that some of today's technology also came from them. It is because of the devil, the fallen angels and wicked mankind that follow their lead that the Creator said that He would make a new heaven and new earth. The old heaven and earth will have to be cleansed because of the prevalent corruption we see.

Also, Revelation 12:12 clearly states that those that dwell in the heavenly realm are blessed. It is not clear whether they are angels or simply other created beings living in another dimension or another physical place.

I believe that when the Master Yahushua (whom most people call Jesus) returns to rule on the earth the wicked powers that be will call Him a hostile alien force. They will fight to hang on to their wicked lifestyles, but they will not win according to the scriptures.


Do aliens really exist? Here an answer not many will like: YES. without a doubt. Here's why:

First of all, the fact that life exists here is proof that it inevitably exists somewhere else.
Of all the numbers of planets, solar systems, galaxies, you think that we are the ONE place where life was able to evolve? Its a mathematical impossibility.
and its proven by the Drake Equation, which basically takes into account all of the places where life (as we know it) could be created in the universe.
Drakes equation looks like this:
N = R (fp) (ne) (fl) (fi) (fc) L
It takes into consideration the rate that stars are formed, the length of civilization to evolve to consciousness, and other things that have a direct effect on "life being out there".
The equation almost comes down to 1 = 1, meaning that life existing somewhere else is certainty.

Now, does this mean little green men are coming out of the sky and abducting us? I have no idea, I have no experience with that or speaking with people that that has happened to.

But to answer the question: Do Aliens really exist? Of course they do.


Do aliens exist? A good question and the answer is that nobody can really say for certain purely due to the fact that there is no evidence to the existence of aliens, well I say no evidence, there are people who claim to have seen and encountered aliens, and video footage of UFOs, flying saucers, etc. Unfortunately there doesn?t appear to be any physical evidence which says that there are aliens, like the crashed remains of an alien spacecraft.

Yet many people would say that the US government knows for certain. The reason for this is because there are reports of flying saucers having crashed and the US military quickly coming on the scene and removing all the wreckage (and any remaining aliens, dead or alive). Unfortunately due to their cleanliness, the only thing left were eye witnesses who claim that at the time, were threatened by the military to not to say what has happened.

Hope this answers your question.


Do aliens exist?

Yes they do, not necessarily in the form of little green men. Evidence of life on other planets has been documented. search probes to the Moon and Mars have found historical evidence of water existing and fossilised bacteria. The water on both is now thought to be deep underground, but there is no reason to believe that the bacteria would not have gone with it.

There have also been several planets discovered in deep space that have very similar life supporting environment to ours in terms of distance from some and the chemical environment. Astrophysics can determine what gases a planet has in its atmosphere based on the colour that they reflect.
There is now reason to believe that these planets do not have some form of life, even if it is just a single cell organism.


As you are asking 'do aliens really exist?' and not 'do aliens exist on our planet?', then I would have to answer yes.

Scientifically they have proven that there are thousands of planets through the universe (that we can see), which are capable of supporting life. Upon all these planets, the chances that there is absolutely no form of alien life is extremely unlikely. This would mean statistically speaking, that life exists somewhere else in the universe, even if it is as basic as germs, bacteria ect. As these lifeforms would be from another planet, then yes, they would be referred to as aliens.

However, whether they are visiting earth, were our ancestors, moved us here from another planet, or that the government is covering everything up, all remains to be seen ...


Yeah, I think so, considering the universe is infinite and earth is small compared to it and that we only live on this earth planet, then yeah there could be life out there, it just makes sense. If we really are the only life in the universe, that means we own all of space and that we just need to be able to reach it all. I doubt that humans on planet earth own all of space.


Aliens? These entities have been here for thousands of years. They are just branding themselves for the times. Sneaky little buggers.