Could my home be a portal to places unknown?

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Nothing dramatic going on here it's just that the whole time we have lived here (10+ yrs) there have been what appears to be a fairly steady amount of traffic not of this world. These 'others' come in all forms put pass through quickly. Rarely do any of them even seem to notice us as we notice them. However there have been a few times when I am sure that some of these entities did take note of us. Sometimes they appear shocked to see us here but nevertheless move on without incident. A few times one or two do show some interest but they too move on shortly, within a day or two. On ocassion it has seemed like a steady stream of traffic and then all will be quiet for a while. At other times there will be just one. I wonder where are they going.

It would be interesting to do a search on your home and find the previous owners going back as many years as you can. This information is typically in county records. If I were you, I would be interested in interviewing others who had lived in the home to try to pinpoint when exactly all this began and to see if it could be linked to a certain event in the home. I would seriously consider doing some research and writing a book on this. Perhaps even inviting scientists who specialize in this type of thing into your home to do some testing, which would be an interesting part of your book. I really do not have any explanation to offer. I know that there is a manor home in our area which was converted to an Inn, which has a lot of sightings of 'ghosts' just passing through, but only in certain rooms.

If you are interested in a scientific explanation, here are some sites with info that you might like to look into.
http://www.theinsidegeek.com/2011/09/are-ghosts-real-a-quantum-science -explanation/

I read a children's book called Captain Butchers Body by Scott Corbett, which had one character explaining ghosts this way: "We think of our bodies as solid, physical objects made of solid flesh and bone, but this is an illusion, because actually we are a conglomeration of minute particles, billions and billions of electrons circling nuclei at relatively great distances with the speed of light. All these eventually leave our bodies as cells 'die' and are replaced by others, so that we are never quite the dame collection of particles from one instant to the next. Not a trace of the cells that made up our bodies seven years ago remains as part of us today. All have been replaced by new ones. Now, if all those tiny particles can come and go that way, why shouldn't a group needed to form a particular body be able to reassemble for a short time if the pull is strong enough? Every particle has memory stored in it, just as memory is stored in those new machines scientists are working on, those computers. That being the case, the cells can come together again, each in its old place, and re-create the body briefly." I know it's just a kids' book but I found this explanation intriguing!


Interesting Apomin78 as one of the first set to pass through were indeed Indians, at least my daughter thought so. I never saw those particular ones and was rather surprised when she told me about them. At that time I hadn't noticed anything going on but she insisted, as children do. I believe her and later when my son also saw a strange creature (?) I decided flight of fancy or not to take them seriously and sit them down for a talk.

I told them at that time (even though they were very young) that ghosts, spirits and other creatures also inhabit this earth but that we don't usually see them. I also informed that if they were ever afraid to remember that THEY had the power to make them go away simply by ignoring them as energies such as those feed on emotion, fear being one of the strongest. They are very intuitive kids and took the lesson to heart.

Interesting too that you would mention a piece of furniture. I recently acquired a very nice, like new sofa that apparently came with it's own inhabitant, a lady spirit. This doesn't surprise me as I am used to spirits and ghosts. It's the 'others' that peek my curiosity. Amazingly this lady spirit moved on rather quickly as well, only after being here a few days. I'm actually almost laughing as I type this, she completely gave goose bumps to a neighbor that had never before been in my house till the day after we got that sofa. Our neighbor waited till I left the room (he had suddenly changed seats) and asked my husband if someone had died. My husband had no clue YET! LOL

Back to the topic though. I just do not feel that whoever, whatever these beings are are evil in any way, at least not to us, this world. There is no feeling of witch craft or any such having ever taken place here. Ghost and spirits aside but those are a different matter all together.

It just feels like they are simply going about their business doing what they do. Perhaps their world is touching ours just enough to allow the occasional glimpse from both sides of the aisle and perhaps we are sitting in the middle of the road.

Man I hope that all makes sense.


I?ve just been listening to a fascinating program on the radio that may have a bearing on the ?others? who pass through your house. It was a discussion with the author Dr. Oliver Sacks about his latest book ?Hallucinations?. The program discussed what a hallucination is as opposed to an imaginary person that you have deliberately conjured up. A hallucination is something that you have no control over. It is very vivid and is so real that you react as if it were real. Brain scans have been done on affected people and hallucinations are shown to affect the brain in the same way that a real experience would do. For example the part of the brain that lights up when you look at a real person?s face, also lights up when you hallucinate a face.

Apparently at least a quarter of people have hallucinations, either visual, auditory or both at some point in their lives. However, due to cultural constraints very few people will talk openly about them as they don?t want to be called mad, mentally ill or accused of being on drugs. However these one in four people who have hallucinations are none of these things. In other words if you include hallucinations that are caused by drugs and illness then at least half the population have experienced them.

In some societies hallucinations are accepted as religious experiences and are treasured. In Western societies they are not usually seen as something ?normal? and so hallucinatory experiences are suppressed. The book by Dr. Sacks is published next month but you can pre-order a copy now on amazon. Dr. Oliver Sacks was born in London, UK but now lives in the US. He is currently Professor of Neurology at New York University?s School of Medicine. His book ?Hallucinations? is published on 6th November 2012.

The interview I heard was on BBC Radio 4. The presenter was Geoff Watts and the program was called ?Hallucination: through the doors of perception?.


That's very interestingand I do wish I could listen to the interview, unfortunately my internet connection will not allow me to do so. Perhaps I will check out the book though as I love learning new stuff. However these incidence I speak of are NOT only something I have noticed.

First I don't make it a habit of sharing such with other people I know in my offline world. My husband has noticed and I can say that he is not particularly intuitive. Three neighbors and a couple of extended family members have asked about things. None of them know much of anything as we just don't consider it a topic for normal conversation. To those who do notice certain oddities I just tell them not to worry as all is well.

you may have hit on something, maybe this place does have a lot of history and different energies at work. This does not alarm or bother us, it's just an anomaly as far we are concerned. I would also imagine that these sort of things do happen around you but you just aren't aware of them. Or perhaps they don't. It will be cool to finally one day know why some people do and some people don't.

If it were just me I could live with being a bit off (which I may be anyway) but when others speak of things you also know before ever knowing what you know then that does lend credence to your own experiences.

As far as aliens and abductions go I don't know what's going on there but don't discount other's claims although I don't just automatically believe every claim made either.

I feel strongly that the world is full of surprise and mystery and am looking forward to what anyone has to say on this topic.


These entities, a term I use for convenience, do not appear to be demonic in any way. They appear to be more 'other' worldly, passers-through from other dimensions such as you suggest Kiddow78 We are somewhat intrigued by them but do not interfere with their passage except by rote of being here.

None of us practice witchery or try in any way to encourage or discourage what we believe to be a quite natural phenomena.

I just wonder if this property is a portal or if perhaps one of those places where worlds touch. If not for seeing such things with my own eyes (perhaps I should say with the eyes of all of us) I would not even entertain the above statement.

However it is incidences like these that lend credence to the concepts put out by everyone from scientists to spiritual gurus to science fiction writers.

If the veils aren't thinning then our human perceptions must be improving at a phenomenal rate. I can't help but be fascinated and wonder what's going on. If anything at all I do wish people who experience such things would not be so fearful but take a more scientific look at what's going on around them.


It could be possible that certain entities are attracted to the home for several reasons. The home could have been buried on native american grounds. Someone who lived in the home in the past could have been into the occult or opening portals or things of that nature. In any event, these things rarely happen unless someone or something invites them in, and it doesn't necessarily have to be you or your family. It is very odd that they are just passing through as normally these things stick around and try to get noticed. I think the fact that you are staying so calm about it is part of the reason they don't stay. Often they want attention and you are not giving it to them. Also consider that it may not necessarily be the home itself that these entities are attracted to but it could be a piece of furniture you have acquired or some other inanimate object. Even something seemingly harmless as a book on astrology could be an entryway or welcome sign. It's really hard to tell.


It could be a couple of things. You could just be mentally creating that stuff. Or, it could be some kind of weird thing going on. I wish I could give some insight, but this has never happened to me before. There has been reports of people being abducted by aliens and taken to other planets.

The validity of these claims are subjective and impossible to prove if they are real, or not. I would take it in stride and bring other people into it, so you're not alone. You should try to find out as much as you can. You can't go your life believing in something that doesn't exist.

Thanks for the question. This is really cool, I wish something like this happened in my life. Maybe the place you live has a lot of history and there are different energies at work in your home. Good luck with it.


If i were experiencing what you are that is exactly what i would assume, that there is some kind of portal to another dimension in the house. That is the most logical explaination for it, unless you or someone else in the house is doing something to attract these entities. But as you say they come and go, so there must be something significant about the place for them. Or maybe unhuman entities are everywhere and you just have a special ability to see them.


Perhaps they are elementals, or nature spirits, rather than ghosts.

Is your home located over underground water, particularly running water? Is there running water nearby? Have you ever had it dowsed? And is it located near electrical power lines, especially high voltage lines? Those conditions, especially when they are combined, seem to produce a high number of sightings, if that is the correct term.


They are probably demonic forces and it would be better to ignore them. That is not a can of worms that you want to open. I have heard of witches opening portals.