Can your house all of a sudden be haunted?

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I have never experienced supernatural things in my house in the two years I have been living here. We had people living here from July til mid November and they had never mentioned seeing anything out of the ordinary. At the end of November we had my sister and her boyfriend over for a weekend. Her boyfriend (who is a skeptic) woke up to a coldness in the room. When he opened his eyes he saw a women in a white dress and glasses smoking a cigarette at our table in the bedroom. He rubbed his eyes a couple of times and she didn't go away for about 5 minutes. He was really freaked out the next day and didn't know how to handle the situation. About 2 weeks later, my husband and I decided to do a paranormal investigation in our house. For some reason my drunk husband decided to pour a shot for our ghost girl and then go outside for a smoke. When he came back inside he saw a black figure scamper across the kitchen floor. He then check the shot glass to find it half full. How did that happen? Recently my sister has come to stay with us again and she was sleeping in another bedroom that was different from the previous ghost sighting and she woke with the covers pulled off of her and complete coldness. She then saw the same white dress ghost. The ghost looked at her with disapproval and then proceeded to rock in the chair that squeeks in the same room. My sister was in utter shock and hid under the covers until it stopped. Can anyone explain what the heck could be happening?

Based on the information you've provided, I believe one of the following explanations may help.

(1) Your home may have had a presence or a spirit before you moved in. Some change in the order of things, such as your guests, upset the spirit and caused it to manifest itself and become active.
(2) A portal to the other side that was previously closed has now opened and through it the spirit entered your home. The spirit may be stuck if the portal has become closed.
(3) Spirits sometimes attach themselves to certain objects. If you acquired an older item and moved it into your home, the spirit may have come with it.

It doesn't appear that the spirit is evil, but it is not happy. The fact that it isn't disturbing you indicates it probably wishes you no harm. If I were in your situation I would calmly go about the house and tell the spirit that it doesn't belong there and that it needs to leave and go to where it should be. My sister tells me that a similar approach worked for her when she inadvertently brought a spirit into her house.

Best of luck.


Most anomalies like this can be explained away by medicine or physics. The mind plays tricks. Houses make noises, etc. Getting a good night's sleep is step #1. It helps if you also didn't watch "paranormal activity" or "insidious" recently.

If there's anything in this world worth gambling on it's that there are no ghosts and no hauntings. We may not be capable of totally disproving it (few things can be completely disproven) but we should all be very very 99% confident that such things do not exist and look to other explanations. If I had an experience like what you described, I'd be scared too but I might be tempted (if I had the courage) to get out of bed and investigate... try to say hi or something. I'd test myself to see if I was awake, maybe look at the clock to see if it ticks normally, that sort of thing... reality checks. If nothing else it's all a very interesting psych experiment.


Its not a prank. I woke to my sister puking and crying, and my sister isn't a great actress or liar. She also hasn't slept in that room without the light being on since. As for my husband, he isn't much of a pranker, he is kind of a serious guy and he wouldn't have let it get this far.

I have not seen anything, no. But I feel strange in the house now that this has come up, but that could be because now I am paranoid. That and I hear every single noise in the house, but I am more aware and just probably freaking myself out more.

Trust me, I think this is strange too. I have been asking the question over and over "if this house is haunted how come Brian and I haven't seen this ghost?"


Have you actually seen the ghost yourself?
I'm very skeptic when it comes to paranormal activities. Do you think it's possible that your husband is pulling a prank on you? Maybe your sister is in on the prank as well.

You have been living in the house as long as anyone else, so it's a bit strange how you're the only one that did not experience these sightings yourself.

If you're completely certain this is not a prank and disagree with me, then feel free to ignore me. But I really find this hard to believe.


This sounds too bizarre to be real, you hear of stories of sightings but not as specific as in this story. Sounds like it could be someone messing with you or mistaken.

Remember, everything you feel, touch and see is created by signals to the brain. Therefore your brain can easily play tricks on you and make you feel something or see something that is not there. Specially if you work yourself up into a paranoia.

The half shot glass story makes no sense to me, if ghosts are spirits where did the drink atoms go?


Well that sounds like an exceptional haunting. If you and your husband have never seen the ghost before, than it was probably always there and you were not really interfering with its afterlife.

More than likely if it is a real haunting, then your visitors have upset the ghost enough to make it be a little more active. As in your stories it seems to get more active when you have visitors in the house.


I don't know about the shot glass...that was very strange. It doesn't make much sense to me at all, that is why I am asking the question. My sister is very worked up about what she saw and she said she was awake but too scared to say anything. She heard the rocking of the chair. It makes a very distinct sound and she was crying and sick, that's is why I woke up. She has never made up anything to me.