Are there UFO's?

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please i have a question about: are there ufo's?, please answer it

It is simple case of mathematical induction if p0 is true, p1 is true then pn is also true where p0, p1 atc are cases.
We have been around for only 600 million years (if "we" is meant to include life from the cambrian age.
As humans we have been around for only a million years (as hom sapiens even less and as primates for may be 6 million years).
The universe has been around for 18 billion years and elements on the periodic table were synthesized by the first massive supernovas in a few million years after the end of the dark age of the universe, immediately after the CMB had gone infra red.

In these 18 billion years how many 600 million year eras have come and gone?
And in how many places on the 100 billion stars in just one non-descript galaxy?
The hubble deep field view is humbling. Galaxies by the trillions inhabit every nook and cranny of the sky, each with about 100 billion stars!

Asking the UFO question is totally irrelevant here.
In 600 million years the earth sent out two UFOS (to the aliens that is), the pioneer spacecraft, that have just crossed the leading and trailing bow shocks of the solar system at the heliopause.

Obviously, the universe is teeming with life. We may be in for a shock one day to know that there IS a central civilization in the galaxy, a large empire so to speak, that has consciously masked its presence as part of non-interference policy, and whose robots were simply men and women with controlled minds! Roaming amongst us since time immemorial! . People whi eat sleep live and procreate, but who have been PAWNS to them, without their ever knowing it.

Great and ancient civilizations with million year histories, would have outgrown divisiveness and destructiveness simply by natural selection and become non-invasive and subtle in their dealings with less developed ones such as us.

To us, they would be Gods! ...


More than likely there are UFO's but they may not be what the popular image of them entails, that is little men from Mars or creatures bent on taking over the earth.

The unexplained photos and other evidence purporting to be unidentified flying objects (UFO's) have not persuaded serious scientists or the military experts that there is any UFO threat at present.

Most of the time, the UFO turns out to be a balloon, cloud, or some airplane when seen from a slightly different angle, distance, or lighting. Because millions of people were taking UFO's seriously, there have been many serious studies and investigations to find out if they are real. But the extensive studies by experts reveal that this is not the case.

Officially, there's no evidence that life exists outside of earth in the sense of anything human beings could communicate with or relate to.

There is a good chance that life does exist elsewhere in the known universe, which keeps expanding as better telescopes discover more and more galaxies to add to the billion or so already discovered, each containing an average of about one billion stars or suns just like our own sun.

It's only reasonable to assume that those other stars might have a planet as distant as the earth is from the sun, with the similar atmosphere and plant life to support a human-like existence. But the chance of those other creatures being able to travel trillions of miles to discover Earth seems slim.


A UFO is an Unidentified Flying Object - so it is any object in the sky that an observer does not know the identity of. UFO's certainly exist.

Whether UFO's are really aliens is an entirely different question. So far, there is no good evidence for extraterrestrial life having visitied Earth. There are however many thousands of identified hoaxes, mis-representations, falsely implanted memories of abductions etc etc.

Phenomoneon can be unexplained, without it meaning that Aliens are the only explanation.


They factually exist. I have seen one which i shared the site with 3 of my other friends and it was even broadcasted in the news. We glanced at it for about 4 minutes which was very disturbing cause of the chemical or smoke circles it produced. The governments know for a fact that they exist & unfortunately these kind of things they keep as secrets from us to avoid chaos & i do believe that we are not alone in this universe


The term "UFO" is an abbreviation for unidentified flying object. That could be anything in the sky that is not identified such as a meteor, a weather balloon or a kid's toy. So, there are always UFO's around somewhere.

If your question refers to the space ship type of UFO, most of the reports are not valid but there are still plenty that have no logical explanation.


I think so, yes. It'd be crazy to think that there isn't other life out there flying around in unidentified flying objects.