Are there aliens in outer space?

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this is my new question: are there aliens in outer space?, thanks collaborators

I believe that there is life all over the universe.

If there isn't, then the universe is the most incredible waste of space I could possibly think of.

But seriously, do the math. The sheer number of galaxies plus the number of stars and solar systems is unfathomable. There are trillions and trillions of planets out there. The odds of only one planet in trillions being the only one to harbor intelligent life are slim to none (and Slim just left town).

There is an equation known as the Drake Equation. It accounts for the above mentioned numbers.

You can read all about it here:


It predicts that there may be thousands, if not millions of civilizations in our Milky Way Galaxy alone.

I'm not convinced that this is the case but when you apply it (or something similar) to the entire universe, the odds of other civilizations seem highly likely.

When you consider the "Many World's" theory or the multiverse theory, there may be trillions of universes out there. That increases the odds exponentially.

So whose to say that if there are many universe, that certain civilizations are not capable of traveling across many of them.

I have read about this topic my entire life. I have read thousands of accounts of UFO sightings and other close encounters. I have read reams of information regarding the potential involvement of governments all over the world in the UFO phenomena.

After many years of research, testimony from airline pilots, astronauts and military personnel, I absolutely believe that there is other life in this universe besides we humans.

Remember, we are also 'aliens" to every other life form out there as well.

I find this to be an incredibly fascinating and interesting topic.


The technical definition of alien is a foreigner or something strange, not usual in a specific place or outlandish. So by that definition humans are aliens when they are in outer space.
Scientists are discovering something new every day about the planets and space that surrounds our small planet. They believe they have found some forms of life even on Mars either still present or the remains of what was in the past. They are not alien to their own world just alien to us.
I think it would be very foolish for the human race to believe that we are the only "accidental" intelligent life in the universe and that indeed somewhere out there, beyond the reach of technology, are more intelligent beings wondering the very same thing.


Given the size of the universe and the number of stars just like ours that may have planets just like ours, the possibility of intelligent life evolving in a similar manner as we did is very, very high.

Given the size of the universe and the distance of those other similar stars, the possibility of us ever meeting that life or of even knowing for sure that they exist is very, very low.

Then there is the time factor. Look how long it took for us to evolve from a barren planet. Life elsewhere could have been and gone many times over since the universe began, so we may never find them still in existence even if we had the means.


There probably is. There are probably some already that avoid detection by human senses. I immediately think of the little green white guy with the big eyes. The typical alien, but there might be some human populations out there as well.

The physical universe will have other physical beings. We have that in common. They will probably have the same things we do if we find them in our universe.

Maybe they are not as alien as we might all think. Or, me anyways. I have seen way too many space movies. The universe is really, really big, so I think the chances of there being aliens is really high. Thank you for the question.


I do not believe their are aliens in space. With all of the technology we have, i just find it difficult to believe that we haven't seen any real evidence. We have telescopes that can see millions of miles away and we have never seen any positive evident of other life on any planet or galaxy we can see.

Just like UFO's. I don't believe any UFO's have ever visited Earth. If they had I think our radars would have positively identify one. And our cameras would have captured a picture.


Based on the incredibly vast size of our universe, it is very likely that there is other intelligent life somewhere out there! Many of the top theoretical physicists and cosmologists subscribe to this idea, based primarily on the size of our universe. Because we are unsure of how life exists outside the parameters we know to be necessary on Earth, it is difficult to say what this life may look like, but it is statistically probable that extra terrestrials do in fact exist!


Considering how huge the universe is that we live in, I'd say that there is definitely alien life out there somewhere. Planet Earth is only a speck of dust compared to the size of the universe, it would be quite narrow-minded to think that our planet is the only one that has life on it. I believe that there are both intelligent and unintelligent alien lifeforms out there, ranging from simple bacteria to galaxy-traveling aliens.


Surely. Once we discover life beyond earth, we may refer to them as something else besides "aliens."

But that hasn't happened yet so those sweet mythical creatures we call aliens, we hold very dear to our hearts.


Yes, you would be nieve to think we are alone in the universe.


Yes there are