Are shadow people good or bad?

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I have seen "Shadow People" and I would like to know if they are good or evil spirits?

Your question reminds me of those episodes of paranormal investigation and hunted stories I used to watch on Saturdays. I had watched some episodes with cases of people asking for help because they are seeing these shadow people. And most I had watched of those episodes are they scare people in their homes, wanting the occupants to leave. Though some just appears to them and that all.

I had seen shadow people too. The first one was when I was a kid and I was playing with the kids in the neighborhood and it was night. The shadow was crossing the street and it was, I'd say floating few inches from the ground. I was even staring at it because I thought it was odd or weird that it was all black.

I think you couldn't classify them yet as bad unless you feel threatened or they cause harm to you in some way.


"Shadow people" are generally not real and are in the mind of the person seeing them. There have been no confirmed reports of 'shadow people' - which would be ghosts, spirits or other otherworldly things manifesting in our world.

There are many explanations for what you may have seen, and it's impossible to give you any suggestions without knowing the circumstances that led to you seeing these figures.

Some options though are your own shadow from a light source you didn't realize existed and your reflection in a shiny object in a dark room would also create a dark figure.


"Evil" is a point of view, not a "thing".

Anyway, these shadow people... do you see them as you are waking up in bed? I Do not mean a dream, really. I often get sleep paralysis. Which causes one to see "shadows" in the room. Usually it is a tall dark figure, and a little old lady. Many people, from all different time periods, have seen these figures. All it is, the sleep paralysis, is the body starting back up again. The heart starts going faster, etc. All the bodily functions kick into gear.


In my opinion, "shadow people" seem to be a sort of guilt that people carry around and "hallucinate" through their own mind which could make these figures either spiritual (good or evil) or simply imagination (or both) one way or the other, my experience has shown me that most people who claim to see these are "paranoid" and often worried about their own guilty past which seems to "follow" them around. Id say that they're evil although it is more of a perception thing...


Shadow people are in fact said to be evil, where orbs are said to be heavenly. I guess it all depends on your beliefs.


I don't know if they're good or bad.
All I know is they show up when you least expect it.