Are ghosts real?

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The supernatural can be fascinating even though I can't yet be convinced that ghosts are real. I love hearing ghost stories and about haunted hotels or houses. I've listened with interest to EVPs and have looked at pictures that have "ghost orbs" and have even seen a YouTube video or two that supposedly had a ghost. I still don't believe in them. I think it would take me having a paranormal experience myself to do so.

That answer is subjective...there's no proof either way.
There are stories that can't be explained, and the best answer we have are "ghosts". Some people believe that souls continue to haunt the earth because there's nowhere else to go. Some people think that ghosts are evil spirits out to "get" the living. Some think they are the spirits of those who don't realize they are dead. And others think ghosts are our loved ones slipping back to say "hi".
No one knows what happens after we are dead. I believe that our existence continues without our body; so why couldn't we occasionally see evidence of that existence?
However, most "ghost stories" probably have a perfectly rational explanation...like sheets fluttering in the wind or a loose shutter.


If you like the supernatural then you already know ghosts are real. The way ghosts are portrayed in Hollywood movies is not at all accurate. Ghosts are the energy of the once human being. Spirit is another word for conscious energy. When your body dies, your consciousness lives on. This is hard for people to accept if they had been mind programmed to believe other wise.

Ghosts generally can not be seen with our human eyes. They are vibrating or oscillating at a faster speed than our eyes can see. That is why cameras can sometimes detect them.You cannot perceive radio or cell phone frequencies with your eyes, yet they are very real to us.


The supernatural has always "freaked" me out. There are just to many things that happen, that cant be explained easily. Hearing foot steps in your house when you are alone. Animals not wanting to go in a room, children laughing in a room all alone (like they are talking to someone).
I do believe in ghosts, I like to be scared (watching scary movies), but going into a haunted house, NO WAY!
I have never used a ouji board, cause the idea of disturbing a "resting soul" is terrifying to me!


Yes, ghosts are real, they are merely people without bodies. They are not however as common as some seem to think. Some people see them while others do not and even then some ghosts show themselves only to certain people at certain times.

Most hauntings are just active imaginations.


Ghost's are not real but your imagination can make them real. Ghost exist only in your imagination. People get victim of their own imagination.


yes but usually we see them for a special reason , not like those Hollywood films where there everywhere and every one can see them.


Your instincts are correct. Ghosts aren't real. They're a fascinating idea, but that's all.


Ghost are real for sure! they are always throwing stuff around my house while i am alone at home!


Only the Holy Ghost. He is the comforter that God left to us to guide us into all truth.


I think they are