Are ghosts real?

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please answer me quickly: are ghosts real?, thanks all

A very difficult question to answer.

Ghosts, or indeed human continuity after death cannot be proven or disproven. After all, noone has ever come back from the dead to tell us about it!

In my personal opinion, science does leave room for ghosts to exist. For example, we have not the faintest idea what causes human consciousness. It could very well be that our consciousness survives a physical death. More than likely due to the fact that energy cannot be destroyed. Bear in mind that this is a personal hypothesis.

I would also like you to consider though, if someone could come out to you now and say "Yes, ghosts do exist." or "No, they do not" What would be the point in life? If we knew it didn't matter, we wouldn't have the drive to continue this wonderful rollercoaster of existence.


Ghosts may very well be real. There are a lot of shows that have come close to actually capturing a ghost. There has been no direct proof, but there is a lot of evidence of their existence. Even though the television shows may be faked a bit, there is still a lot of real world experiences.

Whether or not ghosts are real is still up for debate. It seems that they very well may exist. I have never had an experience with a ghost, but I know a lot of people who have.

It's hard for me to say if they exist or not because I have never seen one or experienced one in any way, shape, or form. I really do believe that there will be proof of them one day and i can't wait for that day. The answer to your question is maybe.


Ghosts are real as long as you could see them but as soon as they got disappear you could not believe them. I believe that ghosts are product of your imagination. Sometimes I feel that some places have negative vibes, some places are bad. I feel different.

I remember once I feel very uncomfortable in a house and I could not find any particular reason. I was strongly feeling something bad has happened in that house. Latter I come to know that a couple with their 3 children committed suicide in that house. Something was there in the air even after so many years which you can not prove logically. You can catch the vibes, you can catch the signals if you are alert.


Ghosts cannot be proven or disproven. There are many people who have seen ghosts and there are just as many scientific explanations for the phenomenon that we call 'ghosts'. If a person wants to believe ghosts are real, no explanation will satisfy. Here is an interesting web site for you to check out. Everything is pretty logically presented. http://www.assap.org/index.html


Ghosts are real like faith is real. Ghosts are as real as the powerful placebo effect.
The Hollywood drama and overall stigma placed upon ghosts is pretty unreal.

Take out the spooky stuff and make it about simple spirituality. Reality can be quite boring sometimes.

But ghosts are indeed real, as real as when you need to rush out the door to go nowhere fast.


Yes, but it depends upon who you ask.

Buddhist scholars believe that after death our mind continues into a new life. One of the life forms that they believe in, and are afraid of taking birth as, are called hungry ghosts or hungry spirits.

If you talk to a Buddhist, they will tell you that ghosts are real.

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Of course they are. But modern science has not yet been able to explain exactly what it is we are seeing.