Do snakes ever eat baby birds?

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Just wondering.

Yes, snakes are a major predator of many bird species by preying on their nestlings and eggs. In fact some of the bird species native to island countries such as Guam, have been driven to extinction because of the introduction of the brown tree snake. Of the 25 native species that once lived on the island of Guam, 12 are now extinct because of the brown tree snake.

It is because of their habits of climbing trees and eating nestlings and eggs, that our native bird species react so strongly to snakes. They will dive bomb snakes and make repeated loud warning cries when snakes are around. Mocking birds, Blue Jays, Catbirds, Blackbirds, and many others will mob snakes to drive them off. One of the reasons the living Pileated and nearly extinct Ivory billed woodpeckers nest in live pine trees, is to create a flow of stick irritating sap around their nest holes. This sap would repel snakes as they would try to climb up the trees.

I personally have found rat snakes in my hen house, coiled up in a nest box with a body filled with newly swallowed eggs. I had a very young nephew ask me once when we found one, "Can we get the eggs out?". I asked him in reply "Are you going to eat them if I do?". When he said "no way" we took the snake out and released at the back of the forty so maybe it could help control rats.


Your question reminds me of an incident that happened in my front courtyard a few years back. I had a beautiful mesquite tree that overhung the courtyard, with spreading branches that provided plenty of shade. I walked out front one morning and heard a commotion in the tree above my head. I then noticed a female dove pretending to have a broken wing on the ground in front of me; I followed her momentarily, and then went back to study the tree branches above.

I then saw a young dove, fully feathered, flapping about as if tangled up. As I continued to stare, I saw that everything was visible but his head -- which was in the mouth of a Sonoran whip snake, who was in the process of eating the bird alive. The mother dove had been frantically trying to protect her nestling, but in vain.

Yes, snakes enjoy dining on baby birds!


Correct. Some snakes do eat baby birds. Not all snakes, but a lot do.

Some snakes also eat other tree animals such as the Carpet Python in Australia, it eats bats.

However, not more classic than the African Boomslang, they are masters at eating baby bids. They actually wait until the parent birds are out looking for food and then sneak into the birds nest to eat their babies. The Boomslang is a highly venomous tree snake, very aggressive. It's a back fanged snake therefore it delivers more than one bite at a time to maximise its kill and quickly before parent birds arrive.

Although, they don't only eat baby birds, they also eat chameleons.

It?s probably worth mentioning that some birds eat snakes too!


Yes, snakes will eat baby birds, and they will even eat eggs if they come across them.

Snakes will eat baby birds out of nests on the ground, or in trees. Snakes are one of the many dangers young nestlings face.

In some cases the snake will eat one egg, or one baby bird, and come back the next day, or two days later for another.


Yes, just about every snake species of earth is capable of eating baby birds and most do, with the exception of some of the very smallest species of snake like say the Leptotyphlops carlae found in the Caribbean.


Yes, they do eat baby birds, why wouldn't they if they got the chance. Most forest birds are tree dwellers and snakes have adaptations to climb up trees.