Are snakes reptiles or amphibians?

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All snakes are reptiles and not amphibians. Amphibians are a class of animals who have a larval stage which is aquatic, like the tadpoles of frogs, and changes into the adult form through metamorphosis. Snakes are not like that, when they hatch out of eggs they look like small versions of the adult form and do not undergo metamorphosis. Another characteristic of reptiles is that their eggs have hard or leathery shells, amphibian eggs are laid without a shell but in a layer of protective jelly.

Interestingly there are amphibians, known as caecillians that never develop limbs, and look a little bit like snakes.


Snakes are reptiles not amphibians. Amphibians are a different aquatic species but still part of the "cold blooded" family.

Snakes have no eyelids or external ears. They sense by vibration, heat pits etc. While Amphibians have eye lids etc. Some snakes have also developed fangs unlike Amphibians and snakes that have no fangs are constrictors, unlike Amphibians.

You also don't find any poisonous snakes however you do find poisonous Amphibia, many Amphibians such as the poison arrow frog have a poison on the surface of their skin.

See picture.


Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Reptilia
Order: Squamata
Suborder: Serpentes

All snakes have this taxonomic label. They are of the class reptilia and this they are reptiles. Simple.


Snakes are reptiles although some are also amphibians. An amphibian is a creature that can survive on both land and on water and there are many snakes that spend some of their time in water and some of their time on land.


Snakes are reptiles of the Serpente order, who can be distinguished from legless lizards, by their lack of eyelids, and external ears.


Snakes are reptiles. They have scales, lay eggs, don't go through metamorphosis....