Should i choose civil engineering or pharmacy?

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I wil be college freshman in september. I am good at math , physics, and chemistry, but not biology. I am a girl. some people say that engineering is not right for a girl. I am interested in both civil and pharmacy. But it is said that I have to take 8 year to study in pharmacy before starting to work. it seems too long for me. I want to make money to support my family.

I know two women who are civil engineers and they are very happy at their jobs and extremely well paid. I don't know if you mind how long you have to go to school but the pharmacy program is quite long -- almost as long as becoming a doctor. In fact, I once knew a doctor who started out to become a pharmacist and when it discovered it took 7 - 8 years (four years of pre-pharmacy which is very similar to pre-med and 3 - 4 years of pharmacy college) he decided to become a doctor instead. You can become a civil engineer with a 4 year degree. So if time is an issue choose engineering. If not, and if you don't mind too much having to take biology along with chemistry and math you may consider pharmacy. Also, take into consideration that most pharmacists do not have a family friendly schedule. You'll have to be available to work week-ends and holidays at times, whereas with engineering you'll likely have a better schedule. The women I mentioned above work for a large city and have 8:30 - 5:00 jobs with no week-ends or traveling. I think you should weigh everything out and choose the field you think you can live with most happily. Blessings and prosperity in your future.


I'm also a girl and I took up Civil Engineering in college. Engineering courses requires a lot of diligence on your part in order for to love it as you go through your college life. Ask yourself if you are ready to face dozens of math subjects and analyze hundreds or maybe thousands of equations and problems that needs solutions. Don?t forget there will always be a subject that will require you to draw, design and be creative.

For me gender is not a big deal if you will take up Civil Engineering. There'll be a time that you will be the only female in your class but so what, boys and girls are equal now. Always remember females are good in communication skills and the males have the analytical and mechanical ability, if you have both then you will eventually succeed in this course.

In the field of engineering you have a lot of choices where to work after you graduate and pass the board exam, you can start with a teaching job or enter an engineering firm and do some field work, you can pursue further higher education and choose the kind of specialty that you like. You can specialize in Urban Planning, Structural designs and a lot more.


Gender has almost nothing to do with this. Your pharmacy studies would involve mostly chemistry (particularly organic chemistry) and its role in biological systems, so I would not worry about that too much.

Where would you rather be - in an office or outside? If you choose pharmacy you will be inside most often. With civil engineering however, you could do either an office design type of job or a job similar to surveying. Either would involve some time out in the field.

I cannot tell you which would be best, but rest assured that while you may encounter some gender issues in engineering, it probably won't be anymore than you do in daily life. In fact, due to the professionalism you should encounter, you may experience it less.


It depends on your personality .civil engineering is still considered a man's world hence you have to work twice as hard as any man as they will try to demoralise you try to put you down or make you feel out of place hence you must have a heart of steel,the patience of a tibetian monk,a tough outlook and a plastic smile when they check out your ass.(never show this side of you to your family)the fact that you dont like biology is a bit of a problem as pharmacy has a lot of it so you have to like it! most females would incline towards pharmacy but it is also hard work.since you like physics and chemistry have you considered other options like chemical engineering,analytical chemistry,telecommunications?


These are two totally different subjects, ask yourself if you like engineering, do you enjoy being outdoors, do you like designing and developing new structures for people to use, if the answer to these questions is yes then go for civil engineering degree and help build the future, with new buildings, new bridges or environmental clean water systems or similar.

On the other hand if you like dealing with people and helping them choose the right medication then pharmacy might be the way to go, you have the right subjects behind you, so this may be a better career choice for you.

Hope this helps and is the best answer-good luck.


I think if you consider the girl fact, then you should definitely choose pharmacy.

Following are the reasons why ;

1.) Civil engineering requires a lot of field work, which the girls most generally do not do.

2.) There is much competition in Civil, that ladies hardly survive.

3.) Most husbands do not prefer civil engineer wives.

4.) Pharmacy is a cool line, and meant for girls as they are having the emotions for the patients.

5.) Girls are natural healers, so they make good pharmacicsts.


It depends entirely on you to decide whether you should choose civil engineering or Pharmacy. In some countries, Civil Engineer ladies do not preferred but in many countries, civil engineer girls are treated respectfully. However, pharmacy is suitable in every country and circumstances. In my opinion, pharmacy is better option.