Do you think That God should have created snakes?---I hate them witha passion!

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How do you view snakes as living creatures considering the negative commentaries of snakes(serpent) in the bible relating to the fall of man and the enmity between it and mankind

I don't think of a serpent offering Adam and Eve an apple whenever I see one. I do see a snake from time to time on my property. The Ozarks have a lot of them and some are poisonous. Most are not. I'm always happy to see a garden snake. I saw one this morning when I was picking up limbs from my yard that were left after the last windy day. The only thing that bothers me about them is that, at least for me, it seems I never see them until we're eyeball to eyeball. That does give me pause but I'm usually relieved to see the bright coloring indicating it's a harmless garden snake.

These useful snakes eat mice and grasshoppers. I don't want mice in or around my home and I certainly don't want grasshoppers in my vegetable garden or chewing up my roses. Like most creatures, these snakes have a purpose.

However, like you, I don't see the purpose of venomous snakes. The Ozarks have rattlesnakes, copperheads, and cotton mouths. All can make you or a pet very ill or even kill you. I do kill these whenever I see them. As to why God created them, that's a mystery. Why would He create mankind with the ability to make nuclear warheads or conduct a holocaust? There are many things I just don't understand.


I guess you must love rats, mice, grasshoppers, and so forth, because that is what most snakes eat on a regular basis.

Without snakes we would have a whole lot more rats, mice and grasshoppers to deal with.

Every animal has as much right to live as we do. A snake cannot help that it was born a snake,. They are not evil, nor are they morally corrupt, and certainly snakes cannot talk. Nor can snakes be blamed for any action by people. If somebody said to you to eat a certain fruit the ultimate choice to do so, or not,is your choice.

I do not own a pet snake, and nor would I own one, but try to imagine a world without snakes. How many rats and mice would be in your home right now? How many crops would fail due to insects? I wonder what that world would be like?


When God says that let it be, of course it does just like it happened when he mentioned the same on snakes like it was for other creatures including man. As a believer and one who believes in God being the almighty and supreme power, I am sure he had to create the snakes since he had a reason for that and which I can't query in any way.

While snakes are very dangerous to humans to an extent that they can even kill instantly, all I know is that God had a reason for that and they should too be given chances to live like it is for other creatures for as long as they don't do harm to us..

Hope this helps. Good luck.


I like that snakes eat mice. I also like that spiders eat bugs. Even though I don't like snakes or spiders in my home I like what they do outside. Snakes eat small things that they can swallow and they are afraid of people. So I am not worried about the snakes around here biting me. I am afraid of poisonous snakes but even they only bite to protect themselves. Making noise so they know you are there is usually enough to get them to leave the area.

For me snakes are part of the food chain. Without them there would be a lot more mice and rats. They are needed.


I also hate snakes, as they are one of the creatures that I am most afraid of and never want to meet face-to-face in my life. I understand that most snakes are not poisonous and pose no threat but there is still something about them that makes me uneasy. I agree that the world would be better without any snakes but what can we do about that now. It would be best to just try to avoid them and not go where the snakes roam. I also feel like most of the general population has a negative reaction to snakes, like what they say in the bible.


I sure would hate to see how many rats get in my home if it weren't for the black snakes that I see every so often. I may not be a fan of snakes, especially poisonous ones, but I dislike rats even more. When you come right down to it almost every creature and object on the planet has a role to play to keep the round machine turning.


Snakes have a purpose like everything else. People have different things they are scared of. So i would say, yes God knows what he is doing. :)