What weighs more a pound of rocks or a pound feathers?

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hello this my question: what weighs more a pound of rocks or a pound feathers?, may you answer me please

The substance considered does not change the pull of gravity present in one pound of weight.

Weight is the quantitative value of the gravitational pull of the earth (or any other heavenly body) on the mass of an object. It is directly proportional to the mass of the object and to the gravitational acceleration acting on it.

Pound is a unit of weight. Units have the same values independent of the substance they are used to measure.

Therefore both one pound of rocks and one pound of feathers have the same weight.


Pound for pound they are the same. You are comparing like with like.

A pound is a pound and it never changes when it is viewed from a weight perspective. The volume of the matter is a different matter altogether.

This is a trick question but easily solved if you ignore the items involved and just compare the weight instead.


What weigh's more 10 lbs of dirty socks or 10 lbs of banana's? Oh look they both weigh the same only the banana's smell better. Just like your question they both weigh the same one pound :)


Noway, there is nothing weight over one another if whether a one kilogram of rock or feathers or metal. One pound is one point and one kilogram is one kilogram equally. No different la!


If she weighs as much as a duck, it means she's made of wood! And therefore.... a witch!

Sorry I had to throw that in :P


They weigh the same. But it's harder to lift a giant bag of feathers than it is the 1 lb rock.


Not enough information. Do you mean a pound weight or a pound mass?


Both will weigh the same since they are both (one) pound.