What is physics

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Physics is the one you throw your stone on a canal and the water will physics

The science of Physics helps us to understand the most fundamental principles of nature, matter ane energy and how forces interact.

Unfortunately the end of your question is cut off but I'm guessing you're talking about stone skipping.

This is a very cool phenomena & is explained by the fact when you throw the stone, the back of it pushes the water up into a slope which the front will keep riding up until it loses the energy to keep going.

If you wondered if there was a world record well then you're right on because according to the Guinness Book of Records it is 51 skips, set by Russell Byars on July 19, 2007


It was discovered that the best angle to tilt the stone was at 20 degrees to the horizontal and also to spin it at 14RPM whilst throwing it at 25MPH. The spinning served to keep the stone's angle steady due to the gyroscopic force caused by the spinning.

Experiments were actually done on stone skipping would you believe because the idea was used in the second world war to blow up dams!
There is a 1955 movie called the "Dambusters" which I highly recommend that you rent out from you local DVD shop as it is very cool and we owe it all to the laws of Physics!

Read this for more information about the movie http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Dam_Busters_(film)

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Physics is the theory of small particle interaction. For the most part what people have to keep in mind is that physics is a "theory"..which means, not only do they not know...but they are guessing based on probability - which can be proven mathematically or in formula but possibly not in actual terms that can be filmed and demonstrated. One of the basic constructs of physics is that the observer can sometimes change the outcome based on their expectations. Physics is the study of tiny universes that our large human brains have a difficult time fitting into...but it is the fodder of great imagination and science fiction works.

The overall global definition of physics should be that it is the hypothesis of great minds on how the world is stitched together to create a comprehensive whole that we look at and call - reality.


The activity , charecterstics ,behaviour of any materialistic body under force or structural knowlegde of them is reffered to term physics.
PHYSICS have many catagories according to its different existence in natura


Physics is the science that deals with matter, energy, and the phenomena dealing with it.

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In simple manner, physics is a branch of pure science which relates energy and matter, study of law of nature.


Physics is nothing but a statement should prove theoretically and practically


One of the "Dambuster" bombs from the second world war