What is matter

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What is matter in science

If you are facing a computer right now or holding your mobile phone, what you have is a form of matter. Matter is anything and everything in the universe.

Matter is a stuff that has mass and occupies space. It could come in different states like solid, gas, liquid and plasma. The various states of matter differ from each other on the basis of their motion. With solid matter like computer desk, sofa, marble, block of ice, etc. the particles move slowly as the structure of the particles are tight or compact. With liquid matter, the particles move more rapidly as there is more space to move. The gaseous state of matter is where one can observe rapid movements of particles.

These particles according to kinetic theory of matter are tiny and could be molecules, ions, atoms or combination all these particles.


Matter is basically another term for things that are made of anything. Everything that you can sense is made of matter. Everything that is made of matter has mass or weight. Light does not have mass, which is why it can go so fast. Energy is not made of matter but energy can effect matter


Matter is the everywhere you look. It makes up all the objects we can touch, taste, smell and feel. If something takes up physical space and has mass it is made of matter.


It's basically an object that takes up space and has mass. It comes in three different forms. Solid, liquid and gas.


"An affair or situation under consideration" Oxford
from Materia, has substance


What a physical object is made of that takes up space and has mass.