What is convex lens?

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What is convex lens?

First of all starting with lens, lens is a transparent refracting medium bounded by two spherical surfaces. It is usually made up of glass. It is of two types: convex lens and concave lens.

A lens that is thicker at its center than at the edges is called a convex lens. Convex lens is called a converging lens because when a beam of light is incident on a convex lens, it converges this beam to a point after refraction through the lens. The size, location and nature of the image formed by a convex lens depend on the position of the object.

Convex lens is used to treat hypermetropia (long sightedness). It is also used in optical instruments like microscopes, telescopes, camera, etc. Our eye lens is also a convex lens. It forms image of an object on the retina.

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A convex is thicker at the center than at the edges.
A convex lens produces a real image. The image is focused on the opposite side of the lens to the subject.
Convex lenses are used as magnifying glasses, to treat hyperopia and presbyopia and as the objective lenses in telescopes and microscopes.


Convex lens is a lens which is thick at the center and thinner gradually towards the end. It act as a light accumulator because when any ray of light passes through it, it makes to fall them on a single point called focus of the convex lens


A convex lens is what you would recognise as a Magnifying glass lens.a Concave lens is the opposite,being thinnest at the centre,and thickest at the edges.


Convex lens is a lens that is usually used for car's side mirror and eyeglasses for a farsightedness people.


Convex lens is in plano-concave shape with two focal length