Is Solar power plants good as compare with other electricity generating methods?

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Is Solar power plants good as compare with other electricity generating methods?

Solar power currently can't compete with commercial power at this point. Solar is expensive to buy, power generating capacity is inadequate, depends on surface area and is limited to daylight hours.

Here's a couple of approximate figures. Solar panels cost about $2 per watt. They can generate about 150 watts per square meter (15 watts per square foot) and to achieve maximum power output over time, they must be mounted on a mechanism to keep them directly facing the sun.

A football field (in the U.S.) s 360 feet long by 160 feet wide, or 57,600 square feet. A solar panel this size would cost approximately $1.7 million alone. It would generate about 864,000 watts in bright sunlight (with the sun directly overhead). Now 864,000 watts over just 1 hour's time would be 864 kilowatt-hours. I'm paying 10 cents per kilowatt hour. This would equate to $86.40 for this power generated by my power company.

If the panel in this example received 5 hours of direct sunlight every day, it would take a little over 10 years to recover the original cost for the panel itself. This does not include the cost of anything else that would be needed to go along with it to make it a viable commercial venture

It's a given that my figures are rough estimates but solar power by any stretch doesn't seem comparable to commercial power sources, at least for the foreseeable future.


Unlike fossil fuels, solar energy is a unique, effective everlasting resource. As long as the sun is up there, it consistently generates the energy we can use.

Furthermore, because the energy is produced right there where it is consumed, there is no transmission cost.

There is no noise because solar operates completely silent. Furthermore, there are absolutely no smells.

All or even some of your energetic needs can be substituted with solar energy, depending on your finances. Exploiting the free sun energy, you can lessen or banish your electric bill.

Using the clean, renewable energy source, can make you entirely independent of the electric company by using batteries and storing your extra energy.

Recently, the costs of solar panels are lowering and more friendly, easier to install solar solutions are developed.

After initial investment, all the energy produced is free; depending on governments policy initial investment might be compensated by incentives and rebates.

There are no additional costs and virtually no maintenance.

At last, but not least, you can be energy independent on foreign oil.


The costs of production are currently quite high for solar cells. A lot of work is being done to improve the efficientcy of the cells to make up the cost. Currently it takes years to simply break even in solar power from a simple energy standpoint: Energy used in production vs Energy collected. However the bright side to solar power is the emmisions from running the cell is zero. Solar cells are also when compared to other alternative energy sources, less invasive. Unlike wind power, solar power is silent, relatively easy to asemble, and more easily to predict power production than wind turbines.


Solar power energy is not as good as of hydro-power electricity. Because it occupies large area and requires sunlight all the time to generate electricity. Also, it is a very expensive source of electricity. Both hydro-electric power and solar power are environment friendly but hydro-electricity is more feasible and cheap source of electricity.


Yes, they are quite "good" in respect to being green ways to produce energy but not yet to the point of amount of power generated, as well as its price.
It will get much better with time anyway.


Solar power plants is good and pure energy source while other are not good because others are polluted source and effective to the nature for example Nuclear power plant