Is it true that if all the people in China stood on a chair and jumped off at the same time, it could knock the earth out of orbit?

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hello this my question: is it true that if all the people in china stood on a chair and jumped off at the same time, it could knock the earth out of orbit?, may you answer me please

Your all right But better to stick with Darwin When Trying to figure this out lol maybe Kepler or Socrates it is. in the end It 's really is all up to just how much time you wish to waist Trying To Find the answer to this question.

Like look at it like this. How is velocity affected when jumping of a chair there are many variables here in trying to find the Answer Gravity is a Constance but the height of Chairs are not all the same is there Any wind resistance or are they all in doors and just how many Chines people just cant get up on a chair maybe they can jump off there beds or perhaps or slip out of there wheelchairs. When creating the math to this you should account for at lease 5 % That can not help in the Attempt to move the planet Sorry but the math is off..... And I know it is all Philosophical And maybe i am going over board but I guess I can lol have a good one.


I am not a geek and I normally do not answer these questions however this is a question that fascinates me. First you need to work out the proportion of the mass of every single Chinese person. There are currently 1.324655 billion Chinese people and I multiplied that by an educated guess of the average mass of a person, 75kg. That gave me 9.9349125 to the power of 10 kg. The approximate mass of the Earth is 5.9736 to the power of 24 kg. I divided that by the weight of the Chinese people which gave me this: 60,127,345,000,000 kg

This means that for every 1kg of a Chinese person there are that many kilograms of Earth.

I don't think 1kg can affect about 60,000 billion kg so I do not believe that if they all jumped they could knock the Earth out of orbit.


Number of people 1.32*10^9
Mass Earth = 6*10^24 kg
Average mass per Chinese = 75 kg
Chair height = 0.5 m
Time of drop = 0.32 sec (Use Newtons laws)
Velocity on impact = 3.14 m/sec
Momentum = 1.32*10^9 * 75 * 3.14 = 3.15*10^10 kg.m/sec
If all momentum is transferred to the Earth then the initial velocity of the Earth would be:


= 5.3 * 10^-15 m/sec. Compared to the diameter of an atom (about 0.1 nm for hydrogen) this is equivalent to 0.00005 hydrogen atoms wide per second.

In short you need much more momentum to move the Earth. Now an asteroid crashing in at say 10 km/sec might have an impact.


Perhaps a simpler answer would be no, as all of the people belong to the whole. It would be like standing in a boat and blowing into the sails of a boat hoping you would move, again you are part of the whole so it cannot be done. Einstein's theory of action and reaction does not come into play here. If you ask does a car skidding in a forward motion have any affect upon the earth, then the answer is yes. However the forward movement of the earth would be so infinitesimal it would not be noticed, and as so many cars are skidding in many directions somewhere in the world all actions would cancel out any movement of the earth.


The correct answer to this question does not depend on the number of Chinese or how fat they are. Conservation of Momentum applies here, and the total momentum remains constant. You should realize that the people jumping of their chairs fall down, but the Earth at the same time falls "up" because the force on the Earth is equal and opposite to the force on the people (Newton's Third Law).


Definitely not! The total mass of all Chinese people is an insignificant proportion of the mass of the earth.


Probably not.