Is astral projection really possible?

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i have a new question which is : is astral projection really possible?, thanks

Definitely, especially since I did it a while back. I did not have an opinion of it before but now that it's happened it's strange. I remember dreaming and then I stopped dreaming...I woke up for a little bit and closed my eyes and I started feeling really strange. The next thing I knew I was floating above my room near my computer, looking down at my body in bed and at the mess I call a room. I was almost in my attic. The scariest part though was while I was up there there was something very evil in the room and I could see a shadow moving around my body and I was worried and then I could feel myself going back in and then I woke up. That shadow wasn't anything new because I have something that follows me between my parent's houses and it isn't a pleasant spirit.

There are lots of studies on astral projection which stem in psychological and spiritual studies, and there are even people who practice astral projection. I agree with some people who say that it can be dangerous, because your spirit is separated from your body for a time and anything can enter your body...which is why my first instinct when I saw that shadow was to return. I was so shocked by what happened I didn't even think to travel around the house but I honestly hope it never happens again. It's too weird, but I know one thing, if I ever had any doubts about having a soul and the spirit world, they're gone now after that experience.

I don't encourage pursuing the possibility of having an OBE (Out of Body Experience) through astral projection simply because it's dangerous. But it's a fascinating read anyway and it is pretty interesting. I'd like to forget mine happened to me!


The human brain/mind is the most complex natural living phenomenon to ever exist on the earth. That being said, it is impossible to know it's abilities and limits.

Astral Projection is usually lumped with other forms of paranormal activity, none of which have any really hard evidence of actual existence, though anecdotal proofs abound.

I believe it is possible, if for no other reason than I am acquainted with two very reliable persons who claim to have experienced it, and neither have anything to gain by fabricating the stories. If it is in reality akin to ESP, then through my own experience I don't think it is a voluntary thing, nor can it be switched on or off at will. I have no idea what are the circumstances that would trigger such a thing, but I believe it to be very rare and very random.

Some say Astral Projection can be cultivated, but I personally have doubts. Like with most other forms of necromancy, fortune telling, and psychic abilities, I think the what the "instructors" are actually cultivating is the growth of their own bank accounts.


I experienced it personally without really knowing what was going on, when I was about 5 or 6 years old.
I got scarlet fever, was in a coma with a very high fever. In those days, the doctor comes to the house, so the doctor and my mother was standing over my body. I suddenly realized I was floating over the scene, and looking down on what was happening. The doctor told my mother to make arrangements, I wasn't going to make it. Meanwhile, I felt warm and comfortable where I was, and didn't want to leave. There was a bright light, like down a tunnel, and a woman appeared. She told me I had to go back, it wasn't my time. I told her I didn't want to, I wanted to stay, but she insisted I go back because I had things to do first. I went back in my body, came out of the coma, and the fever broke. My mother and the doctor couldn't believe it, they said it was a miracle! I tried to tell them what happened, but they said it was a dream. I know better, and I'll never forget that incident! Hope this helps!


Yes, astral projection, also known as out of body travel, is possible. The book I suggest reading is Robert Monroe's three books. The first one is called Journeys Out of Body. The second one is called Far Journeys. That one is considered his best.

The third one is called Ultimate Journey. Don't start with the third one because you will have no idea what he's talking about. I made that mistake. Those books take you through his experience and gives you insight into what's going on.

He also has tapes available that take you through the process of leaving your body. He tells you to "remember the process." The process is dreaming. Once you learn how to do it, you will be able to visit different places here on this earth, in the afterlife,or anywhere else you'd like to go. It's freedom.

The only way to find out is by doing it. Keep yourself awake as you body goes to sleep and you will see a whole new world before your eyes.


Anything is possible and you should keep your mind open to possibilities. However this openmindedness should be balanced with common sense and the requirement for some concrete evidence in order to make sure you do not end up being suckered or conned by another party who has self interests at heart and not service to their fellow man.


No, it doesn't appear that astral projection is possible. Despite numerous anecdotal accounts, there isn't any compelling, objective scientific evidence that such an ability exists in humans (or any other earthly creature, for that matter).