Do airplanes sometimes stop in air before landing?

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hi members a question about: do airplanes sometimes stop in air before landing?,please quickly, thanks

Airplanes cannot stop in air before landing. The movement air and that passes in front and wings of the airplane causes it to float. There are some cases when movement is essentially needed to maintain its balance. It is just like riding a bike. You can just afford to keep the balance when there is movement.

If the runway is still busy, the pilot will not stop the movement of the plane while waiting to land. He will just keep the plane rounding the perimeter of the runway while waiting for its chance to land.


A common tactic in landing a small airplane is to stall it just before the moment of touchdown. While this is more commonly used with small, single engine prop planes (like the Cessna 172), you can land larger planes with this tactic as well. If timed correctly, the result is a perfect 2-1 landing.

While not technically "stopping" in mid-air, a stall is the lack of drag / lift across the wings - and, essentially, the airplane "stops" flying.

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An aeroplane cannot stop in the air because it has forward momentum. When the forward velocity falls below a certain value, the plane will stall and no longer have enough lift to support its weight and start to fall.
In theory if a plane could drop from a great enough height after stalling, the forward velocity would actually drop to zero due to drag and the plane would only have a velocity vertically downwards.


When the thrust cannot overcome the drag force and the self weight of the airplane, the plane stops in the mid-air but falls down. This is called stalling and they are not like helicopters who can hang in mid-air. They need velocity to move forward and remain in air.

As an exact answer to your question, yes, they can stop ut they don't hang like choppers, they fall down.


Unless the airplane has some sort of hovering capability they can but most commercial or all commercial airplanes don't have any hovering capability.

Most airplanes just circle around till they are clear to land.


Airplanes can not stop in air without severe adverse outcome. There are a few exceptions, some military airplanes can stop in air using vectored thrust. Helicopters can also stop or even backup before landing.