Can a TV screen be a surveillance device?

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Can a person watch tv on their television set while being watched by surveillance? (all of a sudden people started coughing in the library). A television set screen resembles that of an in-store surveillance device that hangs from a ceiling. Can the people who make television sets secretly create and put into use a television set that could perform such task without anyone's knowledge? Allowing that television device to be an (interactive) device like a WII system?

Let me put it differently.
There is a lot involved before you get to see anything on your TV set.
There is the set top box, which is all one way.
It does not transmit back info except when you are playing games etc.
Certain set top boxes allow playing interactive games, and allow viewing of pay and view movies etc.
But that is not visual info being transferrred back to the provider, but only your decisions with respect to the game you are playing or the movie you are paying for.

There is no movie sensor as in a web cam.
However, now with the advent of very small aperture web cams and mobile phone cams, it would be technically feasible to d owhat you are saying.

However that would require a government clearance to the TV manufacturers, to do so, and every one would know they are being watched.

Covert surveillance would of course be possible if a government agency decided you were special enough to require watching over 24 * 7!

And i doubt that. ...


And tell me again why someone would want to go to all that trouble to see you in you home without your knowledge?
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How many televisions in american homes are made overseas? how many of those televisions are inspected upon arrival and before distribution? what if someone(s) who are exports in electronics deviced some sort of surveillance device without our detection? and what if it was an interactive system and we did not even know it? I feel that I can not accept any answer saying that it does not exist or could not exist. New devices are coming out on the market all the time, why not an interactive television set that is used as an individual surveillance system - and come on - don't they all ready have such things set up all over the place at security entrances?


In generl a television screen can not be used as a surveillance device. As television screen is only an output device ,it is not capable to take any input signal unless a camera is fitted with it.


The security camera has the bnc output connection. If your tv has the same connection. You can connect them.
source from:http://www.cctvhotdeals.com


No, that's what set top boxes are for - to know what you are doing, at least in regards to your viewing habits.