Is there any place in the world safe from natural disasters?

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Natural disasters including Hurricanes, Earthquakes, Tornados, Cyclones, Tidal Waves.. etc? Anywhere safe?

In Ireland and the UK I think we are pretty safe.
We aren't on any fault lines so aren't prone to earthquakes. In the last 25 years there have been a couple of tremors but apparently these are due to a phenomenon caused by the effects of the ice age. The weight of the ice pushed the crust down into the mantle and then when the ice melted and over a period of thousands of years, the ground has been slowly rising up out of the mantle and sometimes moves up suddenly.
We don't get hurricanes but sometimes get the tail end of hurricanes which by then are storms. Winds have reached hurricane force 12 on occasion though.
We have no active or dormant volcanoes, just a few extinct ones!
Tornadoes are rare sporadic events and could occur during thunderstorms but do minor damage. (They have been known to have flipped over a jeep, knocked down a couple of trees and flipped over a garden shed!)
Tidal waves haven't been a problem but there is geological evidence of tidal waves having occured in the past.
Flooding can be a problem in some coastal and low lying areas close to rivers due to excessive rainfall. This happened the summer before last when it rained nearly every day all summer.
By the way we don't have any any dangerous animals, insects (just wasps), and no snakes!

Chosen69 - You didn't experience the hurricane that swept through southern England in 1987 and reduced Sevenoaks to two oaks and tore up from the coast laying waste to all in its path. Trees were down like matchsticks, Wakehurst Gardens lost hundreds of trees and I had no electricity for five days....having to cut my way through two fallen trees to move up my streeet!

What about the Northern Cockermouth floods that took the life of a policeman...and the devastating floods in Devon and Scotland and many other places in UK .
Birmingham has had some terrible destructive tornadoes. Britain (and Netherlands) has more tornadoes reported, for its land area than anywhere else in the world!

Safe from natural disaster? - um even Switzerland has avalanches.
Nepal? - Earthquakes and landslides, falsh floods from the monsoon....

Um....these so called natural disasters are really only 'disasters' if we, as humans are in the way of them. There are pockets of just about every country that would be immune.
If your country is liable to flood then live up a hillside....if your country suffers tidal waves, live inland. If you have avalanches live away from the bottom of a mountain...etc!
I think central Canada is possible quite good.


Yes, there is!

I've heard a lot about Nepal. It is a landlocked country, so you never have to suffer from Tsunami and Hurricane. I do not know about floods and landslides, which occur time to time only in some areas of this country.

Nepal is surrounded by India on 3 sides, and by China on 1 side. You can imagine how safe it is! Few earthquakes occur here, which are mild.

But this country is poor. Only in some areas, there are advanced facilities. Nepal is the queen of its natural beauty. It has so many places where you can visit. Though it is small with just 147,181 sq. km, but it has many religious and tourist spots.

Nepal is developing day by day, and is bringing happiness to all the Nepalese!

Although, there is no such place where you can't see any natural disasters. Nepal is not attacked by Cyclones, Tornadoes, Hurricanes and Tsunami or Tidal Waves. But we can see floods, landslide sometimes.

There are many other countries similar to Nepal, like Switzerland. Switzerland is much similar to Nepal.

You can try visiting on both the places!


I often think, living here in the UK, how lucky we are not to suffer the many natural disasters that seem to affect the rest of the world - although of course it rains alot ! (but not as much as some people think).

As far as I am aware the UK has never suffered a tital wave of any description, we get high tides and floods sometimes but nowhere near the scale of what happens elsewhere. We occasionally get storms but hurricane force winds are very rare - perhaps once every few years ? Earthquakes are again very rare and always pretty mild - again not on the scale of other places.

So not a bad place to live if you want to be safe from natural disasters - so far.


No where in the world is free from natural disaster because like you call it, it is determined by nature but however occurence may differ as some place may be prone to this occurence while some may not.

Also the mass at which is happens also may differ in some location it may be mild while some may be massive so I will advise that you locate for yourself area that have history of less natural disaster like Africa which has less natural disaster but more human disaster.


The only part of the world that has the least amount of natural disasters is the Northern Hemisphere. Northern Russia and Canada are the least places that get hit with flooding, tornadoes, or earthquakes. However I'm sure they have the opposite effect in the winter with a lot of snow and ice. I don't think there is any part of the world that hasn't been hit hard by Mother Nature one way or another.


That's it - I'm moving to the UK. Oklahoma just had three pretty good earthquakes in the last few days and the last one was during a tornado storm! We're even getting the Northern Lights at night! Stuff like this NEVER happened before to my knowledge!


Norco, CA is safe to me...i lived here for 12 years and the only bad disaster was a few tiny earthquakes. Its also known as Horsetown USA.