Have you ever experienced an earthquake?

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When? What was it like?

Having grown up in California, I've experienced a few earthquakes.

I've been fortunate enough never to be all that close to the epicenter of those earthquakes, so while I got a pretty good shaking, it was never that bad.

There was an earthquake just shortly before I was born during which my then 17 year old brother supposedly dove to protect his brand new stereo system that he had just bought. Knowing him to be quite a character, this is definitely a believable story.

As for the ones I have felt, well, there was one that I felt when I was in high school. It did a great deal of damage to a nursing home near the epicenter, but I don't remember much beyond that. That was my first earthquake, and I felt a little bit of a rolling sensation for just a few seconds. I was alone at home at the time, but I had kind of been told what to expect with an earthquake, so it didn't bother me too much.

The other one that I remember was the 1994 Northridge earthquake. I had been preparing for a trip to Northridge fashion center that day, but early that morning, I was awakened by the earthquake. I turned on the news, and Northridge fashion center, which had been near the epicenter had been pretty much destroyed. Fortunately, it had been in the wee hours of the morning, so very few people at the mall had been hurt. Unfortunately, there was an apartment complex nearby where many people were hurt or killed. There was sadly also a police officer who was killed when a bridge between the 14 and 5 freeways collapsed.

I have felt others, but those were the two most memorable.


I've experienced an earthquake before. I was in the city of Seattle and there was a major earthquake in 2001 with shock waves that reached the city.

It was surreal. One moment I was sitting at a desk in a room and the next moment I was under the desk holding onto one of the legs of the desk as the earth shook around me. I looked up and there was shaking, I looked around me and there was shaking. It lasted for many seconds and it was definitely one of those jarring moments in my life.

I just felt so helpless. Like, no matter where I walked the Earth was shaking and it just seemed like there was only so much I, a mere human being, could do in that moment. It was definitely one of those experiences that I can't forget because the ground shook for so long.

It is a memory that I remember, in that moment, clear as day, holding onto that desk leg and thinking that the Earth was shaking in two. It was certainly an eye opening experience on the power of nature and how little power I have in the face of nature's shaking.


I did in the late 1960's, if memory serves correctly 1967, and in of all places, North Carolina. It only registered about 2.3 on the Richter scale but the cabinets shook and rattled for about 20 seconds. A few years ago they said on the news that North Carolina has never had a recorded earthquake however I know that to be untrue. There are also fault lines along the coast line of North Carolina, including the area of one of out largest nuclear power plants.

Several years ago there was an earthquake centered in Virginia which was felt through many states on the East Coast, including North Carolina. At the time, I was driving and did not feel it. However my family did and they said it was quite noticeable.

The Charleston, S.C., earthquake of 1886 has been estimated at 7.3 on the Richter scale and was felt in every state east of the Mississippi. It is the largest known quake to have hit the East Coast.


I did, believe it or not, experience one here in New Jersey about 27 years ago. It was in the middle of the night and it woke us up. We felt the ground shaking beneath us and everything was shaking on my dresser. You could see the bed shaking and it was really a very frightening experience. I couldn't believe it when we heard on the news the next day that we had an earthquake. It was only a 3 or 3.5 on the Richter Scale, but it felt like it was more than that. It must be terrifying for people who experience a "real" earthquake. I can't even imagine.

We did apparently have an earthquake a year and a half ago; I took the day off from work as I was bringing my sister to the airport. Apparently, it was bad enough where they evacuated the building I work in. I never felt it as we were on the NJ Turnpike when it happened, and for whatever reason, never felt the vibrations.


I have only ever experienced an earthquake once and it was only a very small one that was very uncommon in the area, I still remember it because it was such an odd occurrence. I was nine years old and getting ready to go to Brownies and Girl Guides and was just having a quick drink before we left, all of a sudden there was a great big tremor that shook everything and I managed to spill my juice. It only lasted for about 20-30 seconds but when I was that young it was terrifying as I had no idea what was going on.

I have yet to experience another earthquake even though I have lived on active fault lines since then. At least I now know what one feels like and after hearing about it on the news when I was little I know now what to do in the event of a bad one too.


I live on the East coast, specifically New York, and I have only felt one minor earthquake that lasted for about 5 minutes, and was caused by the Virginia earthquake prior. At first, I honestly thought it was me, and I was shaking for no reason. After a couple of seconds, it became a little more intense so I asked my brother if it was an earthquake. After standing still, he concluded that it felt like one, so I hopped on to Google, and searched for a cause. My question was answered shortly afterwards, but by the time I got the answer, the shaking stopped. It was a pretty unique experience, and I'm grateful it wasn't that major.


I've experienced several notable earthquakes: 1971 San Fernando (woke me up and lasted a long time), 1987 Whittier Narrows (also woke me up, short and intense), 1992 Landers quake (I happened to be awake for that one, long rolling quake, knocked the power out and threw a lot of water out of the pool), 1994 Northridge (woke me up, lasted quite a while and felt very intense), 2008 Chino Hills (this was the only one where I was in a highrise office bldg when it happened; it was very interesting to observe the combination of panic and mob mentality).


Yeah it's weird but I lived in California for a year and never experienced anything there. I moved to Vermont and was there a week and we had a really strong tremor. Then last year the whole eastern seaboard almost had a good sized tremor so I felt one here also. I live on the east coast.
It is a very strange feeling, as though you are dizzy and feel unsteady on your feet and then it's over.


I live in California for over 25 years and it's a state known for wildfires and earthquakes. I have lots of earthquakes but it's nothing like crawl under the table because it'll be over in a flash. You'll feel the ground rolling like you're off balance and that's it.


Yes i did, they are really scary!