Are afraid of lightning?

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Are you?

I'm more than terrified of lightning. Both lightning and thunder scare me a lot. If there is a lightning storm in the middle of the night, I will not be able to sleep till it is over for the fear those bright volts of light inflict on me.
When I was little I did not fear lightning at all, in fact I used to sit for hours by my window watching the lightning storms and how the clouds collided with each other producing that light show. I thought it was the prettiest thing ever and I absolutely enjoyed it. Now however, I can't stand the site of lightning, for it sends the biggest jolt of fear through me and turns my blood to ice from fear. That is all because of a terrifying experience I had during my teen years.
While I was walking out of my high school one day in the beginning of September, a storm seemed to be coming. The sky was pretty dark and there was wind, but there was no thunder or lightning. As I walked towards were students would be picked up each afternoon, I dialed my mother's phone number to let her know that I had finished school and was ready to get picked up. As I was about to dial the last number, out of nowhere a lightning volt stroke the center of the school's court-yard where every student had lunch every day. I was just feet away from that area and everyone got thrown back and suffered some degree of the electric shock that the lightning was carrying with it. Since I was holding my cell phone when the lightning stroke, all that electricity resonated with my phone and anyone's phone who was nearby, which meant that we got the worse of the lightning. It was not fatal, but if we would had not been in the shelter of the hall's roof, we could had suffered serious damage. As it was, we were all pretty scared and shaken up because no one really expected that. Since that day I fear lightning and I stay far away from any window or exposed area, though that does little to lessen my fears.


For the record, a window won't save you from lightning. It can get to you there just as easy. Lightning is so powerful and it is often underestimated. Lightning can strike miles outside of what looks like a storm. Lightning is an awesome force of nature.

Myself, I was terrified of storms until my grandfather took me outside during a storm one time. I was about five years old and he took me out on his back porch one night. Him showing me there was no need to be scared settled me a lot. So much in fact, that I took to chasing storms. I have been chasing storms for a good deal of years now.

One should avoid swimming when there is lightning seen. Don't stand by any metal poles or metal buildings. Stay off land line telephones and never stand under a single tree. Most folks taking shelter from a storm get struck by lightning because they are taking shelter under a stand alone tree, big no no.

If your hair starts to stand on end real bad, there is a high possibility you are about to be struck by lightning. A metal taste in your mouth will indicate you're about top be struck by lightning. Bend over and grab your ankles. Give as small of a surface as possible, but never lay flat on the ground.

Yes, unplugging your electronics will spare them during a surge. You can also get a high quality surge protector to plug them into. Staying indoors is the best way to avoid lightning. The body of a vehicle acts as a Farady cage and absorbs the lightning and sends it to ground. So a vehicle is a good shelter from lightning. Just don't grab a metal steering wheel in the process.

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On the contrary, I actually enjoy lightning. If it is lightning then there are also going to be clouds around. If there are clouds then there will be rain. I rarely have rain out here where I live. It is refreshing when there is a day where it is raining and lightning out.

I also like the sound of thunder, so that is another bonus for me. I never was afraid of lightning. Even as a kid I really liked it. I was afraid of the wind though. Good thing there was no movie like Twister when I was young, or I would be deathly afraid of the wind.

I also really like science and lightning is a really interesting occurrence in the world. I am a big fan of lightning and I don't see myself changing that opinion for a long time. Thank you very much for the question.


Living in Florida, in the Tampa area, I would have to say I am bith respectful and frightened of ligtening. Here in Florida Thunderstorms come up quickly and very fast. And you don't know how quickly you can be in danger. Especially during the rainy season that runs through October. On top of that is hurricane season which increases the ligtening occurance more. Even if we don't get the hurricane, we can get very sever thundershowers and some tornadoes. Lightening damage is Florida can be very severe. I have been walking in a parking lot and see the lightening in front of me. All that said, I still love Florida. Just try to stay indoors when I see it get cloudy


I am afraid of lighting. When there is a lot of lightening there are also a lot of power failures and there is also a chance of a power surge. I don't like it when the power keeps going off or when it goes off for a long time. A power surge could wreck my electronics. If I am outside I am afraid because I could get zapped. People do get killed by lightening and it can cause a lot of property damage. While lightening does not scare me a lot if I think I am safe I know that it is dangerous and can cause a lot of damage.

People should be afraid of things that can kill them. They should not be terrified but afraid enough that they are careful.


Okay, I'll admit that I've always been a little bit afraid of thunder and lightning. If I'm outdoors I tend to hurry towards shelter if I hear thunder suddenly rumbling around the landscape. I know I'm not likely to be struck, but I feel a bit unsettled. I don't want to be out in a thunderstorm anyway in case it starts raining!

I'm happy watching lightning shows from a window when I'm safely indoors!

I don't know if it's really necessary, but I'm in the habit of disconnecting the TV and computer during thunderstorms - just to be on the safe side.


I think thunder scares me more, you never know how loud it'll be or when exactly it will rumble in the sky. Lightning, I love watching it. I see lightning like mother natures fireworks! Although when I was a kid I was running home for dinner and lightning struck a electric pole literally feet from me, you bet I ran like a cheetah. So I do think about what if that happens when I'm driving or something.