How many years did you attend a college for a bachelors in nursing?

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Years needed for a bachelors Med-school needed?

A BSN can certainly be done in four years, but your Nursing College may have a different idea of what a passing grade is in comparison to the typical grade brackets. It's not all that unusual for some students to have to repeat a course or two. The tougher grade requirements are sometimes an effort to increase their student ratio of passing the NCLEX.

My daughter is currently studying for her BSN and one of her classmates got a 78 as a grade on a 6 credit hour clinical. It's a D by their grading standard, and a C is required to pass. Her classmate will need to repeat that 6 hour course. Since they are not allowed to double up on a clinical in the same semester, she will require another semester to finish.


It takes 4 years to receive your BSN. I had a BS from a different college. Many of the credits transferred, so I only needed two more years of the nursing program to receive my second Bachelors. If you go to a community college, while it is cheaper, it will still take the same amount of time and many facilities require you to have a Bachelors. If you want to continue to be a Nurse Practitioner or any other Masters level of education, then a BSN would be required.


Typically, a BSN degree requires 4 years post high school.

If you have a Bachelor's degree in another field, some universities will transfer some of your earned credits towards your BSN program requirements, thus reducing total additional credit hours. This is sometimes called Second Degree or Second Career Programs.
No medical school requirements.


3 years. I went to community college. While I was in the nursing program, I constantly added college transfer courses. There was a college nearby that had a RN to BSN program that I completed in one year after graduating with my 2 year ADN (RN) degree. I had to be diligent about getting the classes in, but it is possible to complete this degree in 3 years. Good luck.


I did it in 6 because I got a BS first and then decided to go to nursing school, but typically yes a BSN can be had in 4 years.


It will take 4 years for you to finish nursing.


Typically a bachelors is four years.