What to do with day old cookies?

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please answer me quickly: what to do with day old cookies?, thanks all

Freshly-baked cookies should be okay to eat for several days. I like the above suggestion of donating them. But if you're looking for other options, you could:

A) put the cookies in the freezer and eat them at a later date
B) put the cookies in the refrigerator; this will probably buy you a week of freshness
C) eat them now, all by yourself, without sharing a single crumb
D) give them to a bunch of kids; teenagers would be an effective choice
E) take them to your workplace and leave them in a common area for people to munch on
F) mail them to me

If you're worried about the cookies turning stale, there's a way to mask the problem: Put them in the bottom of a deep bowl, cover them with vanilla or chocolate ice cream, and slather the ice cream with hot fudge or caramel sauce. The staleness won't matter at all!


I don't see the problem here. What is wrong with eating day old cookies?

Sometimes they sit in a cookie jar for over a week.

Maybe some people are just picky?

How long do you think they sit in the stores?

Or, how about how long they sit on the trucks waiting to get to the stores?

If they are not moldy or funny color or smell bad there is no reason not to eat them.

It is a nice jester to give them to some people that cannot afford them but what you are saying here is that you won't eat them so I will give them to someone that will.


Eat them. One day does not make cookies stale.

If you don't like them because they were made yesterday, you could crumble them up and use as a topping over ice cream or yogurt. Or you could take cream cheese mixed with a little sweetener, make balls with a melon baller, and roll them in the cookie crumbs.

Or as people above have suggested, give them away! If they really are day old (vs. month old), they will still taste good and so people won't think you are just trying to get rid of stale cookies. (Even when you're homeless, you still have taste buds.)


With all of the preservatives found in most commercially-baked cookies, they should be fine this time next year, and I am not sure how you would tell the difference. But, popping them in the microwave for ten seconds will revive them just fine.

Thank you for your question.


You could drive where there are homeless people and pass them out to them. They would really appreciate these cookies!


They should be fine to eat. You may also consider donating them to a food bank or local nonprofit organization.