What is the sum of two numbers?

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what is the sum of two numbers?, urgent please. thanks in advance

The answers for each of the four main operations used in math each have their own names:

Sum = answer to an addition problem (+)

Difference = answer to a subtraction problem (-)

Quotient = answer to a division problem ( / )

Product = answer to a mltiplication problem (x)

So the sum of two numbers means the answer you get when they are added together.


The sum of two numbers is the total of the two numbers added together. For example the sum of 10 and 5 is 15, i.e. 10+5. The sum of 20 and 7 is 27, i.e. 20+7, and so on.


The addition of the two number will be the sum of the numbers. You have to add both the number to get the sum.
For example : 4+4 = 8


You can get the sum of two numbers by adding them or through addition.adding the numbers will give you the sum.


The sum of two numbers is their addition.

For example sum of 2 and 2 would be 4


Addend + Addend = Sum

Is that what you are looking for?


Add them together to find the sum