What is ten percent of 67 dollars?

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Trying to find out for tithes at church my first job so i dont know how everything works i just know i need to give ten percent of my check

$6.70 is the answer to your question. Move the decimal one place to the left on any dollar amount to get 10% Example: $700.00 10% is $70.00 or 10% of $360.00 $36.00.

I just want to comment on your commitment to the Lord and making sure He get's his 10%! I promis you that you will never regret giving your tithes of 10% each time you earn money. Remember that you should give 10% of any money that you are given also. You will be given back more than you give a million times over. Never loose faith and never give up the Lord will be there for you always. God Bless


Assuming that 100% = 1

Then 10% would be 10/100 or 0.1

In math, when we say 10% "of" another number; the word of normally means multiplying.

Thus, it is simply 0.1 x $67 which is $6.7

Another reason to look at it is $67 is 100%, and to find 10%, we multiply $67 by 10% and then divide by 100.

Either way, you'll receive $6.70 as the answer.


You can calculate ten percent of anything by dividing by ten. So ten perfect on one is one tenth (0.1), ten percent of 100 is 10, ten percent of 67 is 6.70, and so on. Or you can simply move the decimal place one spot to the left, and you have it.


10% of $67 is $6.70.

When finding 10% of something, all you have to do is move the decimal point one place to the left. As a result, $67.00 becomes $6.70. Hope this helps!


It is wonderful that you are tithing! Many people who earn much more seem to conveniently forget when the time comes. To answer your question, ten percent of $67 is $6.70.


The easy way to find 10% is to move the decimal point one place to the left. So 10% of $67.0 is $6.70. This works for 10% of any number.


Ten percent of 67 dollars is 6.7$


$67 x .10 = $6.70


.10x67= 6.70


$ 6.70