What is 3% of 5 gallons

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I have 5 gallon paisl of water. I need to add 3% of soap to 97 parts water to mix.

You have 5 gallons of water and you want to add soap to the mix, the total to add up to 100%.

So 5 gallons = 97% of the mix, so, 5 /97 = 0.051546 gallons or 1 %, therefore 3% is 0.1546 gallons.

There are eight pints in a gallon , so, 8 x 0.1546 = 1.237 pints, or, 703 millilitres!


The total Volume you will have is 5.155 gallons. So if you have 5 gallons of water you would need to add about 2/3 of a quart of soap or 20 ounces of Soap. Now if your pail is 5 gallons at about 19 ounces of soap then fill it up to the five gallon level.


I gave you the wrong amount in my first answer. The correct amount should be: If you have 5 gallons of water that is equal to 41.65lbs. and 3% of that is 1.25lbs. So you would need to add 1 1/4 lbs. of soap. Sorry for the original mistake.


The answer is 567.8ml or about 2.4cups
So if it was me I would fill the bucket with water take out 2.5 cups of water and then add 2.5 cups of soap. Good luck


If you have 5 gallons of water the total weight of that water is 37.4 lbs. So if you need 3% then you would need to add .03 x 37.4 = 1.1 lbs of soap.


97% (5+x)=5
5+x =5/0.97
=0.1546 gallon