What is 1.045 as a simplified fraction?

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please can you answer me this question: what is 1.045 as a simplified fraction?,please quickly, thanks

To represent a decimal number as a fraction, first move the decimal point to the right until a whole number is the result.

In the case of 1.045 we get 1045. Now to get back to equivalence we need to divide by 10^3 as we have moved the decimal place three places.

Now we have:

-------- and we need to simplify

Try dividing by 5

-------- is the simplest form we can achieve!


It's difficult to exhibit fractions in this editor, but 1.045 is "one and 45 thousandths", or "1 and 45/1000", or "1 45/1000". See image below for a crisper view of this number as a standard fraction. If you wish, it can be further reduced (simplified) to read "1 9/200", or "one and nine two-hundredths".


First write 1.045 as 1 + 0.045 so you have a whole and decimal part.
Now convert 0.045 to a fraction. Since there are 3 numbers after the decimal point 0.045 can be written as 45/1000. This can be simplified to 9/200 (do this by dividing by the greatest common divisor of 25 and 1000 which is 5).

Therefore, 1.045 is the same as 1 9/200


First let's convert the decimal part of the number to a fraction.

.045 is 45/1000. After we reduce it to lowest terms (by dividing by 5) we get 9/200.

At this point we have 1 and 9/200. This is technically a mixed number, not a fraction. After converting it to a fraction we get 209/200.


To simplify 1.045, first change it into a mixed number:

1 45/1000

Next, simplify the fractional part by dividing top and bottom by a common factor (here we can divide them both by 5):

1 9/200

Written in mixed number form, 1 9/200 is our simplified answer.


1.045=1 45/1000= 1 9/200 if you want in a mixed number
but if you want as a fraction than 200*1=9=209 so the fraction will be 209/200