What are the uses of statistics?

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my question is what are the uses of statistics?, please answer it, and thank you in advance for your collaboration

Statistics are used every day in all sorts of ways. When you turn on the news or open a newspaper you hear all sorts of statistical terms, especially when discussing business, finance, or the economy. As an example, recent reports on the toll of ebola in Africa have mentioned life expectancy. Politicians regularly use statistics to support or oppose social measures (and they regularly get them wrong, either for lack of trying or for misdirection).

In academics, statistics are used not just in the hard sciences but also in the social sciences. Research in fields such a psychology regularly use statistical techniques such as linear regression, factor analyses, and structural equation modeling. In health science, findings about whether or not red wine is good for you (and the accompanying controversies) are all based on statistical analyses of data. Businesses use statistics to forecast product sales. Stock market and forex traders use statistics to understand trends. Data mining is also based on statistical procedures, and statistics are responsible for your Netflix recommendations and that pesky targeted advertising on Facebook.

In a more down to earth example, statistics are often referenced in pop culture, although usually not by name - that would be too nerdy for prime time. Penelope Garcia on Criminal Minds uses data mining to find suspects matching certain criteria. Person of Interest also often references data mining and inferential statistics, and of course "The Machine", assuming it were real, would virtually be a giant statistics calculator. The new show Scorpion has a human calculator who constantly assesses the team's chances of success.

Statistics are everywhere and they can be used for all sorts of things. But they also have their limitations, and it's important in today's society for people to be aware of how to evaluate statistical claims and what weight they should give them in making decisions.


Statistics is used mostly in research to determine out how valid research results are. People make predictions based on statistics of past data in areas such as business and medicine. A financial analyst uses statistics of the stock market to make predictions about how stocks will do in the future. Medical professionals use statistics to determine if a certain treatment is safe.


The uses of statistics:

-The manipulation of data to show something for example that lots of people like cheese sandwiches
-To help predict things using correlations for example if more people like cheese sandwiches more cheese is sold
-To allow conclusions of data to be made for example in conclusion I have a problem which is referring to cheese to much


They are used every day. I'm just gonna give you examples where they are used. In medical literature, in newspapers, to calculate your chances with the lottery pick,...


They can convey data to the public to give useful information about a certain thing or topic.


To analyze data, and to get a conclusion on the basis of available data.