How many pounds equal a liter?

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How many liters equal a pound

Let's say you want to determine the volume of W pounds of a substance. Furthermore, let's assume you know the density D of the substance under its current pressure AND you know the acceleration of gravity g at your current location. So here's what you know:

W = weight of the substance ( in pounds )

D = density of the substance ( in kg / L )

g = acceleration due to gravity at your location ( in m / s^2 )

1 pound = 4.44822 Newtons

Now here's the conversion formula:

( volume of the substance ) = ( W pounds ) * ( 4.44822 Newtons/pound ) / ( g m/s^2 ) / ( D kg/L )

Note: The key to doing a conversion like this is to keep careful track of the units that everything is measured in.


How many pounds are there in a litre? A good question and unfortunately there isn?t really an answer to such a question. The reason why is because pounds is a unit of weight and a litre is a measurement of space, in particular, a measurement of volume of liquid. Unfortunately it is not really possible to answer this question as it also varies on the density of the liquid in the space. One could have a litre of water but if the fluid is densely packed, it can weigh quite a large number of pounds compared to if the liquid was less dense.


Let us presume that you asking about water.

1 liter of water = 1000 milliliters of water
1 milliliter of water = 1 gram of water
1 liter of water = 1000 grams of water
1000 grams of water = 1 kilogram of water
1 kilogram of water = 2.2 pounds of water

Therefore, 1 liter of water = 2.2 pounds of water


Because pounds are a measurement of weight and a liter is a measurement of volume, it would depend upon the density (mass per volume) of the liquid in question. Since density is an intrinsic property of all substances, one would need to find the density of the liquid (pounds per liter).


Pounds are a measurement of weight while liters is a measurement of volume. 1 Liter of air will weight far less than 1 litre of cement. So there is now real answer for your question.


1 liter water is 2.204 paunds of water


1 Liter is roughly 2 pounds.