How do you convert a fraction to a decimal?

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my question for members is : how do you convert a fraction to a decimal?, please answer it thanks 4 all

This is how you convert a fraction to a decimal. The top number of the fraction is called the Numerator, while the bottom number is called the denominator. In order to convert to decimal you divide the Numerator by its Denominator.
For eg. 1/4 changed to a fraction
1 is the Numerator and 4 would be the Denominator
Therefore 1 divide by 4 equals 0.25
4 into 1 is impossible, so you add a point, then add a zero to the 1 to make it 10
4 into 10 is 2 and 2 remainder leaves
4 into 2 is impossible, so you add a zero to the 2
You now have 20
4 into 20 is 5 because 4 multiply by 5 equals 20.
Answer 0.25


For simple fractions you use equivalent fractions to ensure that the denominator (underneath number of the fraction) is 10 or 100 and then you have tenths or hundredths etc.

eg 1/2 is the same as 5/10 which is five tenths or 0.5.

Harder fractions take more working out....eg 2/3
You do this by dividing ten by the denominator

10 divided by 3 = 3.3333

and multiplying the numerator (top number) by the answer.
3.3333 x 2 = 6.6666

2/3 is 6.6666


If you are using a calculator, divide the top number by the bottom number. This will give you a figure with a decimal point in it. Now multiply that number by 100.

for example: 1/2

Key in 1, then divide, then 2, then =
The answer will be 0.5
Now X 100
The answer will be 50, and this is your percentage.


Hi mate, Thanks for asking such a valuable question.Here are some ways of changing fractions into decimals.

1.Changing Proper Fraction = 7/9 ~7÷9=0.7777777778
2.Changing Improper Fraction=9/7~9÷7=1.2857142857
3.Changing mixed fraction=3 1/4=4×3+1=13/4 =3.25

I hope this helps you. Good luck


The fraction line is the division line. So, you just divide the top number into the bottom number to get the decimal. This works for any type of fraction including fractions that have a larger numerator than denominator. In those cases, you will get a whole number in addition to the fraction.