How do you calculate typing speed?

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please members my new question: how do you calculate typing speed?, please i need many answers

Typing speed is calculated by the number of words typed in a specific time given. For example you can calculate how many words you can type in a minute or more. Basically, the typing speed is put at words typed per minute(w.p.m). To accomplish testing your speed, there has to be a timer that will record the number or words keyed in and the duration taken too. There are application softwares in market that can help test ones typing speed like Typing tutor, Typing master and so on. To achieve a good typing speed record, you have to be conversant with the keyboard and know the sitting posture that is comfortable for you. When set, you can begin testing your speed.

When testing the speed, make sure you avoid disruptions and misspelling of words. Train yourself to read and store at least a sentence in your memory and the type it. This will reduce the time taken to stare and read a word thus leading to lesser words and taking too much time.


I am used to calculate my typing speed through multiple ways:-

1). I am used to use "Count Word" option in Microsoft Word document.

2). I have graphical and talking typing tutor on my computer and whenever I want to practice or check my typing speed. I use these typing tutor, such Tping Master. These application program provide me text to type and also ask for how long I want to type. At the end such program gives a detailed summary. Such as
No.of words
No of errors
Typing Speed per minutes.
No of lines
No of paragraphs
No of page

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Typing speed is usually measured in words per minute. This can be test by giving the typist a page of text and asking them to type it out, the number of words completed in one minute is there 'Words Per Minute' score.

There are numerous online pages where you can test your typing speed - try http://www.typeonline.co.uk/typingspeed.php (I got 55 words per minute)


Typing speed is measured in terms of correct words per minute. The typist is given 1 minute to type as many words as he can from a sample. After one minute, all the correctly spelled words shall be counted. This is the words per minute grade of the typist.


Typing speed is calculated by the number of words you can type in a minute.


Words per minute