Graduating school without math

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How do americans all manage to graduate high school when you know some can't possibly have passed the math?

They won't let u get thru school without math. i could never really understand y, b/c many ppl don't even use much math in their everyday lives. in fact, i have 2 take amath class in college 2 boost my gpa enough 2 transfer 2 a university that has daily math tutoting. no amt of non-math classes will boost my gpa in the short time i have 2 get moving. i can't avoid it unless i plan 2 stay in the state college 4 many yrs 2 come; this is NOT my plan. i NEED 2 get moving faster, & the math is the ONLY class that'll help me. my personal advisor had 2 sit down w/ me & explain this & she showed me y i NEED the math so bad. i don't want any more math @ that college, b/c the tutoring's not enough when it comes 2 the harder math. sadly, i have NO OTHER CHOICE b/c i want/NEED 2 move faster


By the same system that let's them graduate from high school functionally illiterate. There certainly appears to be much less emphasis on spelling, grammar, and many other 'basics' since I went to school. As already pointed out, math is a use it or lose it skill. Seems most younger people can't even count out change though they really don't 'need' to anymore, since the cash register will tell them how much to give back.

It's been said that in order to increase the graduation rates, they've lowered the requirements. Certainly looks like it to me.


Here's the funny thing about math. You can remember just enough of it to pass all of your needed tests and graduate high school or even college. The thing is, if you don't use it, you will quickly forget it!

That's how people do it. I suck at math, yet I have my college degree. I managed to get through all the classes by working my butt off, but if I was asked to do some algebra, I would likely not remember how to solve the problem. I hate doing math, even though I can when I want to. Most of it was forgotten as soon I as got out of class.


You don't know that they didn't pass math. They actually do pass math! I am in school right now and the kids that are not as good at math take easier math classes and pass those in order to graduate.


Because our school system caters too much to people. We let people slide through the system when they probably shouldnt.


How do you know that they couldn't have passed math? Is this like a hate statement that americans are stupid?